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Bean lost his first two teeth, back to back, the day before and the day immediately after his seventh birthday. Now he can’t leave the hole in the front of his mouth alone, and he’s given himself a little sore on his tongue from sticking it through the gap all day. The tooth fairy and the birthday fairy had to appear together in one night, and boy was she glad she’d stashed a little cash for just such an emergency. The tooth fairy doesn’t have such a hot record at our house.

My life of leisure is about to come to a close. School starts in just over 24 hours again, and I have 45 hours a week of classes. Yeah, I know. But I can do it. To celebrate my last few days of liberty until Christmas, I finished watching Veronica Mars on Netflix. Love love love that show. Logan is Veronica’s lobster.

Time to winterize. It’s still balmy fall here, but there was enough of a snap in the air the other morning that the heat kicked on. Love that dust-burning smell of the first heat of the season… ick. Took all the fans downstairs and rolled up the sun blinds for the season. Welcome fall, my favorite season- though it’s hard to get too excited when decorating and crafts are pretty low on my totem pole.

I miss Mo. Yeah, we didn’t see each other every day or anything, but there was always the option of popping over to see each other on any given day. Now she’s all by herself, and I am too. We tried to plan a visit, but alas, so far, it’s been a bust. I need to just throw the kids in the car and show up one weekend. Stupid school and responsibility grown up stuff.

Reading Superfudge to the kids each night before bed. Nothing, and I mean nothing, had made them laugh like Uncle Feathers saying to Fudge’s ex-kindergarten teacher “Bonjour Stupid!” It’s the phrase of the day at our place. Bonjour Stupid! I’m not sure if it’s the genuine funniness of the bird calling the teacher dumb, or the illicit naughtiness of saying “stupid” over and over, but whatever it is, they giggle their butts off.

I’ve been invited to speak in Seattle in November, and I’m really hoping I can swing it. Have to look over the syllabi from my courses and see how the weekend shakes out.

Hitting the gym again, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Spent some time reading over the archives from the last few years. Two things about keeping a fairly regular blog: First, it’s nice to have a journal of your life, and the little details you might have forgotten had you let them float away on the eddy of time. And second, holy cow my life has been a bucket of sad for a long time! I’m so focused on plowing forward I don’t think terribly much about the wake behind me- and when I went back and started reading some of what happened, the rawness and  brutality was shocking- to me!- and I lived through it. And, I never told you guys everything either. So the tidbits I did write opened up little land-mines of memories. It was a somber reminder of things I had begun to forget- or at least things that had begun to dull with a little bit of time.

My birthday is fast approaching. This year, I want child support for my birthday. That’s all. Regular, reliable child support.

Crazy Chicken Annie called me last night, and it was awesome. I love her so much, and we had a good visit when I was down in California last month. She sent Bean a birthday card that sings to him, with some birthday money. He still gets more excited about quarters than he does about dollars, but he loved the singing card and lays his head on it on the table.

Abby slept last night without a pull-up. It was not brave, it was necessity- those dang things are expensive, I was out, and I wasn’t about to put all the kids in the car and run to Safeway on a Sunday night to buy some pull-ups. Okay chicka, so here’s the jumping off point- here’s where you turn into a big girl. Mama’s sorry this couldn’t be more gentle. She did well- she was a little damp in the morning, but not bad. Second night in effect now.

Jeffrey wrote a story problem for his math class tonight: “There are 599 flies in our house, and I left the door open and let in 67 more. Now my mom is insane, how many flies do we have?” I kid you not. I hope his teacher has a sense of humor.

20 thoughts on “Random Crap

  1. Ahh…reference one show for another. I love Friends and I love Veronica Mars.

    Good luck with school…you will do GREAT!

    What else does this Mama want for her birthday, besides child support?! Just for YOU!

    Lots of love!

    • Tracy, I am not sure what the says about how much TV I view. But when I read that line I could just picture Phoebe saying it, hand motions and all! Love it!

      Something for YOU…I know, the fate of a mother is to forget about herself, but what do YOU want??

      Love you!

      • Me too! I can picture her making the claw-hands and tipping her head to the side!

        I don’t watch all that much tv, but when I like a show, I watch them all. Hence the Veronica Mars marathon!

        Me? I want a date with a single LDS man who is not old enough to be my grandfather, is tolerant of my liberal but still very faithful views, doesn’t mind three small children and isn’t intimidated by a fairly smart woman. Got any of those in your pocket? 😉

  2. Ah, thanks for the reminder. I was just about to ask what you meant with the lobster comment, but I totally get it now, and I agree. I’m still holding out (faint) hope that they’ll make a movie where they actually get together.

    I wish it was time to winterize here. My house is still 77 degrees (with our sad excuse for air conditioning (i.e. swamp cooler) on) at nearly midnight. I hate the heat. I love fall, and there isn’t one here. It depresses me.

    Good luck with the start of school! And I hope you get something wonderful for your birthday.

  3. Good luck with school, I’m into I think my 5th week, and I still want to cry about my schedule.
    One thing I did with both my kids (actually still doing with the 2nd) is right before I go to bed I get her up and take her potty. Lucky for me she’s a really heavy sleeper and most of the time doesn’t remember, but it usually means the differnce between a dry or wet morning. And the best part is she sometimes gets up on her own now to take herself to the bathroom.
    Hope you have a very happy birthday, and that you get your birthday wish this year!!

  4. I’m so glad mine is not the only 4 year old who can’t seem to make it thought the night dry. If you discover anything brilliant along that front, please share.
    You are one resilient chica, and I love you.

    • Only 4 yo dry? ha! not by a long shot! I have no brilliance on this front, other than I let her eat popcorn (salty) for a snack, and then cut off liquids post-dinner. It mostly worked- she was damp again this morning, but not soaked, so yay! Love you too.

  5. Can we talk about how gorgeous your hair is looking lately? So you’ve got that going for you.

    I heard Phoebe’s voice in my head as well… “See? He’s her lobster!”

    Good luck with school. You have amazed me in the past by your ability to just keep swimming, and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so.

    *big hugs*

  6. Jeff’s teacher will laugh! She might wonder at the sanity of your household, but she’ll still laugh. Think of all the boring regular answers she gets… anything unique is a breath of fresh air!

    Good luck with school. I know you will figure out a way to juggle everything this fall just like you did in the summer.

    Psst… Kellie, Tracy might not respond directly to your question, but she loves specialty cheeses. I bet you could check her archives for her post about Cheese, and find out her favorites. (Tracy, you deserve some pampering.)

    • Michelle speaks the truth. But honestly, if someone is absolutely determined to make me sing? I haven’t had a professional pedicure since Bean was 10 months old… giving them to myself is nice, my toes are always painted… just sayin’.

  7. Tracy, If I had a man like that in my pocket, he would be yours…hands down, guaranteed!

    But I must admit I appreciated your sense of humor and the laugh I had!

    I will have to get creative…Michelle AM was more helpful than you!

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