Seen Around Our House Lately

I found these ladies kickin’ it in my bathroom sink. Their names are both Polly Hermaid. Or so I’m told.

Abby decorated it herself. Can you tell? Bean was a tad more reserved with the crayon-flavored sprinkles.

I forgot to put this one up, from the first day of school. Such cooperative tykes I have. Oh yeah, and I went with red over chartreuse for the door, but have yet to get that final coat on. It takes a lot of red paint to cover a black door.

5 thoughts on “Seen Around Our House Lately

  1. Hee hee! Polly Hermaid! What a great name for some bathing beauties.

    I hate those crayon-flavored sprinkles. I’m sure my daughter loves them.

    They’re all so cute together in their new-school-year-ness.

  2. I remember the last time I tried to decorate cookies with kids…. and one in particular had a solid 1/2 inch of sprinkles atop all of her cookies. Gag.

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