Let it Ride

Today was not a good mom day. Jeffrey woke just before 2 a.m. early this morning, and puked all over my bathroom. Towels, bucket, cool washcloth, clean-up, and by the time I got the boy settled down again, I was completely wound up and couldn’t fall back asleep.

When he woke, he felt great and wanted to go to school, and I was wiped out from not falling back asleep and also having him crash in my bed and kick me all night. Grumpy mama. Chaotic morning, as it always is when I can’t wake up, because breakfast was late, homework was lost, missing shoes could not be found, and snack weren’t what the preferred kind. Grrrr…. Breathe. Just get them out the door…

Got them off, and plopped down to check out my homework for the day and try and muster the energy to make my regular Monday morning gym time, and realized I was not only too exhausted to care, but somehow I knew if I went the school would be calling me to pick up Jeffrey. Sure enough- at 10 o’clock the phone rang. Rinnnnnng!! “Oh hello Ms M, Jeffrey is here in the office not feeling well.” Yes, I’ll be right there. Abby, get in the car…

When I walked in the office, he was sitting on a cot in the nurse’s office eating a package of crackers, and the nurse said he felt better now. Coincidentally, math was now over. Hmmmm….

I took him home anyway.

By the time we got home, it was clear I was not only not going to the gym, but not getting much of anything else done today either. There was a nice sunbeam falling in the front window, and I crashed next to Jeffrey while Abby watched cartoons and we took a nap. Surrender to the chaos was the best option today, and had I kept trying to fight it, it would have been a disaster of a day.

As it was, it was just a push. But I did get a nap in a sunbeam. So there’s that…

3 thoughts on “Let it Ride

  1. Sounds kind of like we had the same day. Only it was diarrhea instead of vomit… and then the day started off wrong when my little sister’s alarm didn’t go off and she needed to be driven to school and my boys were still sound asleep in their beds – dilemma. Funny how one catastrophe can mess up the rest of the day so thoroughly – especially if that catastrophe involves sleep or the lack thereof in any way.

    • I always imagine the old time difference when I see you comment late, Em, and I forget you’re only an hour different now. I was about to scold you for being up at 2 am 😉

      But yes, catastrophes that start the day + lack of sleep = bad.

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