Milestones are not Millstones

So a few things happened. With zero fanfare and surprisingly few tears, I just passed the year milestone of my divorce. At this time last year, I was on a plane headed to Houston. And this week, instead of trekking back to Texas, I had headshots taken for the flap of the book last year’s trip netted me. The book is still due to be out in January. My super photographer friend snapped a few pictures of Abby while we were at her place. This is my favorite:

Also, I had a birthday Sunday. I cannot stress how little I cared and how old I felt. The weight of the world on my shoulders, and I’m just a tired old turtle. That’s just how I feel. Carpool, school, kids, study, homework, kids, bedtime stories, homework, lather, rinse, repeat. People are kind to me- and there were cards and well-wishes and family and friends who showed their love. There are glimmering moments of joy sprinkled through those days, like bits of glitter on your skin from yesterday’s craft project- but it’s a whole lot of hard too. Then, I look at that picture, put my head down, give thanks, and carry on.

9 thoughts on “Milestones are not Millstones

  1. Oh, my word! How darling is she!? I’m so excited to hear more about your new book. You have every right to be tired. You have a lot going on. But I know you can do it and I think most of the time you know it, too. Love to you, Tracy.

  2. A book? That’s great. Is it a pattern book? You’ll have to tell us all about it so we can all go out and buy it (you know, at least to give away as a gift for those of us who don’t make the time to sew any more). I’m sorry things are so hard for you, but I’m glad you can appreciate your kids’ adorableness.

  3. It is so utterly understandable for you to feel turtleish. I’m glad you’re also remembering to be grateful for what you do have, a la Pres. Monson’s talk. I needed that one, didn’t you? I hope it makes some kind of difference that you have this hoard of cyber cheerleaders who love love love you so very much!

  4. Yes – tell us more about this book!

    She is completely adorable and her own person, I love it!

    Happy Birthday, glad it’s a little better than last year. Hopefully that trend continues.

  5. I remembered your milestone and thought about you with more than birthday wishes.

    I’m glad that your milestones are not millstones. I think the difference is in finding the little moments, like this picture of your adorable daughter, to help you take another breath and keep doing what you gotta do.

    Carry on.

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