I deleted my online dating profile and account this morning. After the 100th email from someone who didn’t even bother to read my profile, who wanted to know the status of my uterus (!!!) or who was just plain creepy, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Too much crap to wade through. Guys, really? Blowing “Kisses” and telling me you love me when all you’ve done is look at a photograph?? Gross. I’m sure there are some fantastic guys out there, but I just don’t have the emotional energy to sift through all the craziness to find him. Somewhere, sometime, I know there is someone. But not now.

8 thoughts on “Deleted

  1. Way to be a good steward of your time and energy! I can promise that better opportunities for meeting sane people will surface over time. After all, you have your own fan club.

  2. I’m selfishly sad about this, Tracy. I had looked forward to multiple posts reporting the zany goings-on in the online dating world. But I can’t blame you for not having the stomach for it.

    Now, maybe. Later, for sure. But *there*? Probably never.

  3. I was in Ardis’ camp – looking forward to zany posts, but you are probably better off for now. You have kids and school that need your attention more than 81 year old men!

  4. Oh, rest assured, I’m still open to dating– just not the horrendous online kind. If anyone has a spectacular single friend, fire me an email! 😉 I promise good blog posts about it!

  5. I often go through phases of trying to convince my mom (single for nearly 10 years…and beautiful) to sign up for LDS Mingle/Singles/etc…until we sort through the “inventory.” I usually get a really good laugh and another six months of being okay with her single status.

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