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I can’t tell if the ceiling joists are just creaking as the weather gets colder, or if those are drips of water I hear plopping above my head. It’s disconcerting, especially after the dripping ceiling fiasco of February when I moved into Little House. I really hope it’s just creaking, but it’s awfully regular to be anything but drips. And its been raining all day…

Thanks to all who took the time to email me and express their love and care after my rash of public crashing and burning. I’m okay, but I cannot lie- it’s been unbelievably difficult lately, and there were days I wasn’t sure I could pull myself up on the battered ropes again. I’m still not sure. But for now, today, I’m standing. Tomorrow… well, I’ll think about that when it gets here.

All three kids went to the dentist on Monday. Because if there’s ever a great time for a dentist appointment, it’s the day after Halloween, when they are all in sugar comas and have consumed their weight in candy. Excellent planning on my part, right? It went well, unbelievably. Last time Bean kicked out the dentist’s light, this time, he lay there with his sunglasses on, happy and chatty while the hygenists tag-teamed him. No cavities for any of them. Small mercies.

It looks like my front fence will be fixed soon. Did I mention that? Last week a teenager accidentally drove through my fence. No one was hurt, and it’s going to be fine, but it will be nice to let Bean outside again- rain or not, that boy needs his yard.

Yeah, that’s definitely a drip, not a creaky rafter. Dang it.

4 thoughts on “About Not Much of Anything

  1. Glad you’re standing today. I was happy to see a new post from you:) It rained last night at our house too and I stood upstairs trying to decide if I was hearing drips or just creaks. I convinced myself it was just creaky, but I’ll have to keep an eye on that ceiling.

  2. The horrific times of not knowing if you can pull yourself up to the ropes yet again are tremendously hard. Just keep trying. One thing, one breath, one day at a time. Hooray for standing for now! And Bean at the dentist is a fantastic miracle! šŸ™‚

  3. I had to chuckle at Abby wanting purple poop…ahh the joys of a child!

    Glad you were “getting pretty” today. You’re beautiful always!

    Prayers and love, K

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