The Excellent Study Habits of a Full Time Student/Mother

This is what too much homework and too much cherry Coke Zero looks like. This is also the stunned look when you realize the college website is down and you  procrastinated your test and now you don’t know how you’re going to get it submitted and you drank too much cherry Coke Zero and you can’t think in a straight line and everything seems cataclysmic. Not that I would know or anything. But just in case you were wondering. That’s what that is.

12 thoughts on “The Excellent Study Habits of a Full Time Student/Mother

  1. It’s not called procrastinating when you have 3 kids. It’s called “failed to prioritize in a timely manner”. Procrastination implies some sort of idleness……
    Hope something works out and that your over caffeinated self makes it through to the other side of the solution.

  2. Will they reset the test for you, if the site is down? I know that when that has happened to me, and if I ask, that’s what my professor did. Good luck on the test and the caffeine high.

  3. And you are still beautiful…caffeine high and all!

    Good luck on your test…when you take it, with your kids, and with school.
    You are doing your best, and I think it is amazing.

      • We are our own worse critics.
        You are beautiful.
        You are surviving…with the help of a little caffeine, but hey, who cares as long as you are surviving?!
        Hope you are down from the caffeine today and you are having a good Sunday with your kids.
        I am off to sleep…two of us with bronchitis now and I am tired!

  4. Your prof. will have to extend the test deadline since the test was not available and circumstances were due to the fault of the school. (Been there and done that).

    Hmmmm. If your look is due partially to Cherry Coke Zero, do I look worse if I have not consumed any while trying to get my darn mock diagnostic done? All I have is nog, rooibos tea, and steamer syrups. 🙂 Even when shellshocked you have fab hair. 🙂

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