Sunday Gratitude

My ward is the best ward on the planet. The people who surround me and my children are honestly some of the best human beings I’ve ever known- they are kind, thoughtful, helpful and consistently wonderful to us. My children are never forgotten in activities and chaos, and there are a multitude of people who simply stop in to offer love and help- every time I turn around. It actually astounds me and leaves me a little breathless with awe when I stop and think about how well we are watched over.

The women I visit-teach are willing to come to my house when my child care falls through yet again, and my own visiting teachers are kind and generous and are happy to take a kid to scouts, grab Abby for me, or just come by and hang out around my kitchen table with me. It seems like every time I turn around there is someone wonderful at my door with some gift or note or just a smile and a hug. I am grateful beyond measure.

Today at church, my Relief Society president stopped me in the hall, and leaned in and said “Tracy!” she grinned, “You… are… smokin’!” I was alternately embarrassed and completely flattered- I mean really, what woman doesn’t want to hear that at some point in her life?? It was a small thing, but a compliment is a compliment and  it totally made my day.

I got pulled out of Relief Society because Bean was utterly out of control in primary- but even that was done with such love. He has teachers who strive to understand him and deal with him with love and compassion.

When I got home from church to find a message from X canceling his visitation in an hour, there was also a message from my Home Teachers, saying they would be by tonight, not only to fix a draft in the backdoor, but to watch my kids because there is a (gulp!) Single Adult fireside tonight. The kids didn’t even bat an eye- on either message. They are fine and secure in the love of so many people. And, I guess I’m getting pushed out of the nest, ready or not, and am going to attend my first single adult night at church.  Wish me luck!

I know there is nothing on Earth we could have done to deserve such amazing love, and I am grateful for the vastness of the human heart and its infinite ability to chose to love. So thank you, my ward family, for being examples in every way. There is still no way for me to even begin to pay it forward but the examples I have of what true love and service look like are abundant and real.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude

  1. This makes my eyes fill with tears. You are easy to love and abundantly blessed. I don’t know your RSP, but I love her. “You…are…smokin’!”

    Hope you had fun at the Single Adult fireside!

  2. “You…are…smokin’!”

    Just one more example of what a married woman can say to a single woman that a married man can’t say. Just sayin’.

    Like my wife said, you are easy to love, girlfriend. I hope you enjoy your night out – and, if not, I hope it isn’t a disaster, at least.

  3. Aw, you guys! You have been such good friends for such a long time! Thank you- both of you! I’ll let you know how it is when I get back. My stomach is doing flip flops. I figure worse case scenario, I slip and fall on the ice and everyone ignores me… 😉

  4. It’s good to read this when there are so many stories of the opposite out there.

    Describing the acts of service performed for you gives me ideas of what I can do to help people and make my ward a little more like yours.

  5. I agree with Jendoop. I want my ward to be more like yours, so I love to read about their acts of service. I love all the ideas that swirl into my head when I read about your experiences. Inspiration? Sometimes, definitely.

  6. I too am thankful for what your ward does for you and love to hear it since it helps me know what to do for others. We have friends in our ward going through a divorce but the husband is the primary caregiver for the children. It is so hard to know what to do for him since I can’t tell him “You are smokin'” and I can’t really stop by with hugs or just to hang out. I am thankful for all you share with us and so happy to hear that you are so well loved and cared for.

  7. Tracy, that’s against the word of wisdom.

    In any event, thanks for this testimonial about the service your ward is providing. It sounds wonderful.

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