Wintery Brain Dump

My head is spinning- how is it possible that Thanksgiving is only a day away? When I ran to the market today, I found myself standing before giant picked-over racks of traditional Turkey-day fare, and was stunned to realized that I didn’t still have weeks to prepare. Usually by Thanksgiving, I’ve already got the Christmas music out (although it must wait until after dinner is over and the dishes are being done to be played) and am chomping at the bit to put the tree up. This year? Complete blank.

It’s really the end of November already. Wow. I look idly out my frost-laced front window at the drifts of powdery snow accumulating around the swing-set, all evidence of winter. Is it really supposed to snow this much before Thanksgiving? It’s crazy cold, and I realized today, as I watched my really nice neighbor take his snow-blower to my driveway, that I don’t think I even have a shovel to dig out. X took all the garage stuff and tools- everything. At the market, instead of buying stuffing and can-shaped cranberry sauce (gross!), I picked up a bag of ice-melt for the walkway. It was the typical nightmare in the market with Bean, and we got out of there as soon as humanly possible.

I let each of the kids pick a treat- Bean and Jeffrey both opted for a doughnut. Chocolate old-fashioned, if you’re keeping score. Abby? My darling daughter, instead of a doughnut, chose a wedge of Boursin cheese and some water crackers. I kid you not. I was so proud. Only now she smells to high heaven like garlicky French cheese and she wants to sit in my lap while I read my homework. We may have to have a talk about moderation in all things…

Finals are coming up- I think I’m well prepared- my grades have been better than good, and other than spacing one discussion during parent/teacher conference week (that’s this week, because no one has anything else to do right before Thanksgiving, right?) I’m right on target to repeat summer’s grades.

My brother is coming up to visit this weekend with his new girlfriend and her small son. It’s been too long since I’ve had any real time with my brother, and I miss him like crazy. The kids don’t know yet, just in case the insane blizzardy the northwest derails his plans. Also- shhhhhh!- but not only is Auntie Heather (yay!) coming up in two weeks, but she just got engaged to a terrific guy. We are so insanely happy for her, and are doing a happy dance about seeing her radiant face.

Harry Potter has completely taken over all spare synapses in my children’s brains. They cut apart the shock-poles to our tent the other night because the segments looked like wands. What could I do? Wigging out just seemed like a waste of energy, so I cut apart the other one and gave them all spare wands, too. They chase each other around the house in billowing black capes and Abby tells everyone her name is Professor McGonagall. Jeffrey, of course, is the house Prefect. Bean runs around being as much trouble to everyone as he can possibly muster.

We’ve been invited to a lot of people’s homes for Thanksgiving… once again, my ward is stellar and amazing, and we are never without hands reaching out to love us.  We’re opting to drive to some friends how live up the mountain, and the kids are really hoping they can hit the crazy sledding trails on their property. It’s not supposed to get above freezing this week, so betting on snow and sledding is an easy win. Then we have another invitation for dessert that I hope we can make later in the evening. Should be a full day. But I sure do miss my family. And Mo. This is the first Thanksgiving we’ve not had together since we met.

Going to read yet another chapter in Harry Potter, send the kids to dreamland, and finish a paper I’ve been chipping away at all day. Maybe I’ll see if I can find the Christmas music tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Wintery Brain Dump

  1. Hey Tracy, I never really comment… but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Or rather, I love your writing, your honesty, and your willingness to write and share your life with us. THANK YOU.

    I truly hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from me, too.

    Reading your post about your ward makes me so happy. I’ve been in wonderful wards and not-so-wonderful wards. It’s so nice to hear when people are truly living the Gospel and wards are wonderful!

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