Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

This is what our Thanksgiving looked like here in the stormy, snowy northwest. I know- crazy huh? In a vain attempt to find Bean one of the many times I lost him today in my friend’s fantastic house (basketball court in the basement, anyone?) I climbed a few staircases and found this charming dormer window out of which I snapped this photograph. It stayed in the teens almost all day, and never stopped snowing- Bean was so excited to sled down that mountain that he never ate anything all day. Which I’m sure by now you can imagine how that ended up for us… We got home safe and sound, and are now happily onto thinking about Christmas. And by the way, my friends fixed a prime rib for dinner, and I am of the humble opinion that it kicks turkey’s butt. There are no pictures of Jeff or Bean, as they were involved in an all-day long game of basket-dodge ball, but here is Abby, set and ready for dinner about an hour before anyone else:

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