The Halls Be Decked, Babies

Fakey Fakerson was hauled up from the basement by two very enthusiastic boys, and after Mama fought with the now four-year old fritzy pre-lighting, I took the wire clippers to the dang thing and just cut them off. The kids talked me into colored lights since we were revamping anyway, et voila, FF stands tall and multi-colored.

A harbinger of things to come, Jeffrey spent most of our decorating time on the phone with a friend, and then was disgruntled when his brother and sister hit up all the best ornaments, leaving him with the stuffed Santas and candy canes.

Speaking of- this is what Bean and Abby considered fine decorating. Yes, those are ornaments hanging on other ornaments and Abby thought each hook should have at least three ornaments for spectacular shine and glamour.

After everyone was in bed, I may or may not have moved a few things around. I admit nothing.

While the Dandelion lamp might be out of  my current grasp, this fantabulous star lamp was a gift and I am loving it hanging over my kitchen sink. It makes me simply happy, for no reason in particular.

Jeffrey snapped this picture of Bean, and I love it because he’s actually looking at the camera AND allowing me to hug him… Happy decking everyone!

10 thoughts on “The Halls Be Decked, Babies

  1. Looks festive! That’s what we are doing today too. Although we have one FF tree and then put another real one up as well. I have too many ornaments for one tree. I love your fireplace mantle. I have a fireplace this year but no mantle around it 😦

  2. My daughter hangs the ornaments in groupings as well. She likes them to have friends and she creates stories about why they belong together. Such purpose makes it near impossible to rearrange without her noticing.

    Your house is looking mighty festive. We are about that business tomorrow and I can’t wait!

  3. Our halls are decked too! We had to put the tree in a different spot this year because of choir practice at our house on Sundays means lot of chairs filling up the usual spot, and I have learned that without the tree, that room gets VERY little decoration! Still, happy to have to season begun!

  4. LOVE the pure enjoyment in this post and pictures! Decorating with kids is so much fun (when they aren’t arguing about which ornament which kid gets to hang…) Your tree and home look lovely. The star lamp is gorgeous.

    The picture of you and Bean is monumental and I can see why it’s a favorite.

    And what I notice in all of your decorating is the framed print: Keep calm and carry on. I love that it’s front-and-center and huge so you can be reminded when things inevitably start to unravel.

    Happy holidays!

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