FHE at the Lake

Monday night for FHE my home teachers came by and swooped us up from Little House and took us off to look at Christmas lights around a local lake. It was chilly and snowy, but it was also lovely fun, and I’m grateful for good people who brighten our lives.

Bean was having a hard time after riding in the car with people touching him, and had refused to eat. Once I separated him from everyone, he calmed down, and the two of us walked by ourselves out of the frozen docks to see the lights. I will not point out the lack of railings or the gymnastics my stomach did as Bean tromped along the boardwalk, kicking chunks of ice into the water with glee. Because it was worth it for this:

Afterwards, we met up with everyone inside the resort and gathered around the fire to thaw out.

3 thoughts on “FHE at the Lake

  1. This all makes me so happy… especially the picture with Bean. And might I add, you look fabulous! Love you Tracy.

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