Impossible Little Waves of Happiness

There was nothing whatsoever special about today, and yet my spirit was buoyant all day. It was a wonderful feeling- and I found myself stepping outside for moments and just observing the many miracles that make up my current life.

It’s entirely possible that I have the most amazing cache of friends ever assembled- and they are not only all over the country, but the world too. One of the miracles of modernity. The people I am able to call my friends are varied, colorful, amazing and incredibly different- and they unilaterally help me be a better person. As I took part in and listened to some heated discussions today among some intellectual friends, I was blown away that I get to keep company and learn from so many inspiring and intelligent people. It really does draw me up and make me look towards goals I might never have otherwise set- let alone be confident I can achieve. What a gift.

My children are happy- and this amazes me too. They roll into the house after school a boisterous ball of noisy, giggling, sometimes bickering, but always-full-of-life boys. Abby inhabits both her brother’s world and her own- she still gets one-on-one time with me three days a week while brothers are at school, and this is when Darth Vader retreats and the crayons and tea-pots come out. She utterly delights me in how she straddles the worlds and owns them both.

School is going very well, and I only have one paper due this week- that might have been part of the bubbles of happiness today- there was no pressing homework, and I could relax and just hang out. Which is how I got to spend time talking to friends… And friends just stop by. It’s been a long-standing policy of mine to have an open door. I love when people stop by- I love seeing happy faces at my door- or even friends who need an ear. My house won’t ever be spotless, but if you want to sit round my oak pedestal table in Little House’s kitchen, my door is always open. Just this afternoon a friend I hadn’t seen in a while stopped by to ask my help with a project. We fixed it up, and her daughter fell asleep in Abby’s lap while we talked. It was precious, unplanned and beautiful.

Lately, life is pretty good. Maybe those moments are the days that make up the body of who you are. I am so loving the tiny waves of happiness that crest and roll up the edges of my life.

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  1. Michelle won’t let me type the first thought I had when I read the title – but I’m glad you could write this post. It makes me happy, and we all know it’s all about me. 😀

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