Kellie’s Christmas Present to Me

My bloggy friend Kellie (who happens to live in romantic spots all over the world- from where she takes lovely photos and sends my kids exotic post cards- but is currently in Alaska) sent me a gift card for Christmas with the express, explicit instructions that it was to be spent entirely on something for me- not for the house, not for the kids, not on any bills. This was hard for me- pretty much everything that filters in right now is allocated before it arrives. But today, with my gift card in hand, and all the kids at their respective schools, I headed to the new Nordstrom Rack that just opened near me.

And I found these. Gasp! (they’re not Louboutins, but another high end brand, and they look just like these) Okay, they were originally several hundred dollars. At the Rack, they had been marked down in half, then in half again. And then today for a special, they were an additional 35% off. Gasp again! And in my size. Oh my… I tried them on. Butter. Oh man, I’m a goner now. I almost wept with joy… soooo pretty. SO frivolous and unnecessary! Seriously, tears, people. Do you know how long its been since I bought something silly and pretty? Something just for me? I don’t remember. I stood there for several minutes arguing with myself about if I should or should not… and I know there will be people who think it was irresponsible. And maybe they’re right. And then I put them in my basket anyway. As soon as I did, a huge smile spread across my face and my heart felt like singing. I haven’t stopped smiling since. Now I just need somewhere to wear them… Thank you Kellie! Really… Thank you.

29 thoughts on “Kellie’s Christmas Present to Me

  1. What fun shoes! Even more fun than those shoes which you should wear anytime you can, is your friend Kellie. I hope someday to be a friend like that!

    You deserve such a fun new purchase. Enjoy them!

  2. I am soooooooooooo jealous. And as for unneccesary? I beg to differ. When faced with struggles we are always told to fill our own buckets and give to ourselves otherwise there is nothing to give to anyone else. And a small wonderful gift like this to yourself is soooo sooo necessary when holding down the fort. 😀 Loves loves loves. to you.

  3. Those are fantastic. I love heels. I have given them up entirely (except dancing shoes) and sadly, no matter how *cute* or *pretty* flats are, they are never sexy. Enjoy!

  4. Pretty? Absolutely. Silly? Absolutely not. You’ve found something that will make you walk a little taller (in this case, literally and well as figuratively), boost your beauty confidence, and is all about your identity rather than just your identity as a mom.

    I shall have to repent for coveting your shoes. Well, maybe not coveting since that would require begrudging you those darling shoes. I’m thrilled to pieces for you…..and secretly planning a trip to Nordstrom Rack next time I am in SLC. 🙂

    • Kellie!!! Yay! I was hoping you would approve. Did you get my email?

      I would never have found them, never have entered Nordstrom Rack, unless you had forbid me being responsible. Friends are so awesome. Thank you love!

      • No approval necessary. I just wanted you to do something completely selfish for YOU! It is tough being the responsible one all the time, so to be told to take a moment…heaven! But for the record, I love them! And totally think you should wear them to church! And smile the whole time!
        Love you!

  5. What’s surprising is how comfortable they are! I love really good shoes. Even with as wickedly hight they are, they are really comfortable, which I know sounds insane. Are they too vampy for church? Yeah, probably. But I may attempt it anyway. 😉

    • They’re my first animal-print anything- I usually avoid it like the plague. No, these will be paired with a gray pencil skirt and a sweater (maybe red?) with some smokey eye makeup and a nude lip. Kind of my go-to, but with these shoes… 🙂

      • Ahhh, I see! First you start by eating red meat, and now you’re buying animal print things! 😉

        Oh, and I have seen a few ladies wearing shoes kinda like this at church- you could totally pull it off! Enjoy them!

  6. Did you read the recent article on the Exponent about Real Investment? I know some of her points don’t necessarily apply to your situation (since you’re spending your money on food for your family, rather than gadgets, etc), but I still love that you got to invest a little in yourself. As she said in her post when talking about blowing a large portion of their budget on a fancy restaurant for their anniversary, “Sure it could have gone toward something more practical, but it made me feel like I was important and worth the sacrifice…” You are important and you deserve a present that’s just about you. Yay for good friends!

  7. Oh SOOO cute and so thrilled that you did it for yourself! I absolutely LOVE them and can totally see them with a black pencil skirt and cute red sweater or a nice little black dress, and totally for church! I have a pair like that (more of a cheetah print – yours are WAY cuter!) and I wear them all the time. Wear, enjoy, feel like the million bucks you are worth. It is the little things that make us happy!!!

  8. I LOVE THEM!! And I’m jealous, I can’t walk in heels to save my life. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn. I’m headed to Utah after Christmas, gonna have to check out the Rack there.

  9. They’re gorgeous! And definitely appropriate for church–go for it! So happy you got something just for you.

  10. Well, this certainly downplays my splurge tonight of a box of Junior Mints because my birthday is tomorrow… 😉

    I am not into heels for myself but they look divine for you! I ❤ Kellie's generosity and your willingness to do something so wonderful for yourself!! These shoes are awesome and you should definitely wear them to church.

  11. animal print never goes out of style.

    as one who just admires fashion from afar, I’m so dang jealous. Aint no reason for this old cow to get dressed up anymore.


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