Christmas Ho Hum

I’m in denial. There is no way Christmas is in ten days. It’s just not possible. I’m not sure why, but it just seems like it should be weeks away still- I had to force myself to put up my tree this year, finals clobbered me time-wise, and not having any extra cash to buy presents just puts the kaibash on feeling merry. It shouldn’t, I know- Christmas is about so much more than presents- but I’m just not there.

I miss my family terribly- and my family is changing yet again. Our family home and grounding-place, instead of being decked-out in spinning Christmas trees and  seven million lights, is now empty and professionally staged while realtors tour their clients through. Everything has been tossed into the air, and its unclear what the new landing spots will be for people I love. It’s hard,  and as much as I want to jump a flight to California, I have to sit tight and make the best of Christmas for my kids here where I currently live.

So basically I’m still around- I know it’s unusual for Dandelion to go six days with no writing- I’ve just been over my head in too many ways- good and difficult. Today I’ve got a visiting-teaching luncheon and a million neglected chores… and really? I wish I was in Disneyland instead. Ho Hum…

5 thoughts on “Christmas Ho Hum

  1. I’m in denial this month, too. It’s not been the most stellar month of my year… though there have been worse Decembers in my life, so I’m trying to keep perspective. I guess all we can do is sit tight and make the best of things.

    Prayers and hugs for you and your family.

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