Heels with Jeans: What Say You?

In the comments on my terribly self-indulgent Costco post about my new jeans, it was suggested I pair them with my most awesome Kelly Christmas Shoes. It never dawned on me! I’m so lame- I always wear boots with my jeans- and it never occurred to me that hot shoes might belong with hot jeans. What do you think? Can you wear a snug pair of jeans with some really high, sexy heels? My sanity and burgeoning fashion-sense is counting on your opinions!

{Post Edited: Evidently, this is a very popular thing, a quick Google search even tells me there are flickr groups devoted to such things- but honestly, most of the chicks displaying don’t look very…ehem… mother-ish. πŸ˜‰ What say ye, mamas??}

22 thoughts on “Heels with Jeans: What Say You?

  1. I’ve worn heels with jeans. As long as it isn’t acid washed mom jeans or platform shoes with fish swimming in the heels I think you’re good!

  2. You can and you should. However, DON’T wear them to Costco or Target or anyplace mom-ish. I’ve done it – felt sassy walking in – cursed myself as I walked out. So – out to a movie, dinner, a party, or something like that – someplace where you won’t be walking for hours. But it’s a definite IN.

    You need to come here, and show me how to do make up and buy cheese, I need a Tracy fix.

  3. duh!

    (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    Of course you wear those sexy shoes with your hottest pair of jeans! and dammit, sway your hips, throw your shoulders back, and walk with your chin up and feel like the sexy woman you are.

    Those curves in heels…?

    hot momma!

  4. You are going to shrink away…. so happy to hear the body transformation is still happening. It is nice to see progress from all that hard work.

    YES to jeans with heels. Note: if you wear jeans with straight legs or wider legs, they need to be long enough to hit the tip of your foot….. or even longer. If you are going to wear stright legged jeans (like in the picture you posted) or pegged (remember that???? ) then they hit just below the ankle… either way, you will look smoking.. Take THAT singles ward

    • That’s good to know Bek- I cannot do the skinny jeans (or heaven forbid, the jeggings) because it hearkens back to the pegged pants of Jr High, and it makes me feel nauseous. I usually do boot cut or straight leg. So they should be longer- which is good, because they are!

  5. *nodding head sagely* Yes, I knew it! They look great together.

    Mr. Wonderful came home today with a family Y pass for Christmas. Makes me think that I really need to start running again. Then reward myself with fab jeans and heels. ::)

  6. I’ve heard the only reason heels were invented is to affect the appearance of your butt – so, based on the picture you provided, I can’t give an informed opinion.

    Just sayin’.

  7. DO IT! When I lived in LA it was perfectly acceptable to wear jeans anywhere, absolutely anywhere, as long as you rocked a pair of heels. In my lumpy postpartum days (ahem, cough cough today cough cough) I do this at every party as well as my husbands chi chi work parties in San Fran. I never feel over dressed and never feel underdressed!

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