Down with Fakey Fakerson

Christmas barfed all over my house. Everywhere… bits of wrapping paper, torn toy containers, tape stuck to the carpet, glittery bows, tinsel, light bulbs, Lego bits and pieces, my little pony shoes (yes they have shoes now) Polly Pocket (because Lego aren’t enough fun to step on barefoot) and various pieces of candy scattered to kingdom come.

(Not to mention #$%& little metal ornament hooks that get caught in my socks or the brush on the vacuum and then click and drive me nuts until I sit down and hulk the vacuum over and eviscerate it to extract the metal hook- what? that never happens to you? I don’t believe you.) So anyway…

Tonight, I tore everything down. Everything. The Faker is boxed and back in the basement, the halls are undecked, the recycle is full of cardboard, the cards and wreaths are down, and most of the lights are boxed (My one indulgence was leaving up the bathroom lights. We all like how they make bath-time nice, and I have a side project I’m considering for them.) It felt so good to walk into the living room and have it be all clean and neat again… at least until tomorrow, when the kids wake up. I can dream…

Next year? Totally getting a real tree. I think I’m over the Faker.

4 thoughts on “Down with Fakey Fakerson

  1. I’m actually really jealous. I put all the new stuff where it belongs and cleaned up the kitchen and living room but with the tree dropping needles everywhere and taking up scads of space I’m more than ready for it to be out of here. Unfortunately that probably won’t happen until after the New Year because my DH loves having it up. I’m ready to get back to my normal house and get the space back. I have to keep telling myself it will be soon.

    And yes, I totally know what you mean about the #$%& little metal ornament hooks.

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