Random Crap: Sunday Morning

It’s our Stake Conference this morning, and rather than wrangle the monkeys to sit for two hours on hard metal folding chairs with no promise of primary, friends, and fun, we are taking a holiday. It’s kind of a bummer, actually, to have SC this early in January, since we only had one Sunday of our new schedules, new teaches, and new hours, and now we’re at home.

Speaking of Stake Conference, I did manage to get to the adult session last night. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever gone to the Saturday night session before. I remember when the first few years I was a member not understanding what people were talking about when they mentioned it, and then once I knew, there were babysitting issues and then life blowing-up-entirely issues. This year, I actually had dinner with friends, pooled our kids with some girls from the ward, and actually went.  My SP gave a great talk on becoming compassion. Not compassionate- but actually embodying compassion in obedience to Christ. It was worth the price of admission and sitting on hard chairs for almost 2 hours.

This week I hostessed a missionary discussion at my home for a woman checking into our church. In my previous life, the missionaries were a regular part of the landscape of my life, and I miss having them over. So do my kids. But… as a single woman, I cannot have them for dinner or to hang out- so we don’t see them much. Don’t get me started on how this makes me feel- but it was kind of nice to visit, and get back to the basics.

With our new church schedule, it’s impossible to have X over on Sunday to see the kids, so I’m juggling times and dates and trying to create a new stable for them. I swear, it’s like trying to balance on a ball some days. Coupled with the fact that I have opted to host the visit (for their stability- not his convenience) and I have two grad classes (yay!) at night this quarter (and no regular sitter) it makes things kind of crazy.  Oh, and scouts is on the same night as one of my classes. I can do this. I can…

Speaking of school, I think this quarter might kick my trash (whatever that means). I know my confidence wavers at the beginning of each term, but two of my three classes are big time hard stuff. On the upside, I’m further along than I thought, and things are overall looking good academically.

My awesome friend Donna is flying over from Seattle to hang out with us today, and I’m excited to see her. One of the perks of having loved ones work for airlines is impromptu visits. Happy. Speaking of, it’s been too long since Uncle Freddy appeared at our table, and I think I need to rattle his cage.

It’s January 9, and I’m tired of winter. It’s really hard to get my run in when the streets are covered in sheets of ice. My treadmill is broken, and I have to find a simple solution. Our high today is 28* and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 18*. Spring would be a great solution, but I seem to have lost my Time Turner necklace Hermione left me. And I have to train~ because I’m committed to my first race later this year- and I’m too chicken to say much about it yet, but it’s happening.

Speaking of– I need some suggestions for running music on my iPod. I’ve got some I love, but more would always be good. Dish, mamas.

Hey- here’s a fun thing! I got rejected for a date by a guy who’s never met me and I’ve never met, but he told his sister-in-law– my good friend– after years of reading my blog, that he was “just not interested”. Aw yeah. That’s how awesome the LDS dating scene is. Abysmal, and ego-crushing and its enough to make a woman want to look elsewhere. If only I didn’t believe the things I believe…

And this is why running is suddenly so appealing. Juggling full-time school, solo-parenting, three kids, domestic life, and church is crazy. Life is hard, and I can throw on my shoes, shove my iPod in my ears, and take off. If tears find there way down my cheeks while I’m running, no one can tell, and the wind dries them quickly. It’s cheaper than therapy, and it’s making my jeans fall off my butt. It’s gonna get easier someday. Right? Right?

Ending on the upside? I have unbelievably fantastic friends and loved ones. Again, my ward is spectacular, and my extended network of friends– both personal, academic, spiritual and bloggy– are intellectually and emotionally fulfilling in so many wonderful ways. I have to receive treasure where I can find it, and my friends are consistently that vein of gold. So thanks.

Onward and upwards… its the only way.

18 thoughts on “Random Crap: Sunday Morning

  1. run up and down the stairs and jump rope. free. easy. can be done in fits and starts between all the other must-be-dones, and sometimes ya just gotta stop studying for 2 1/2 minutes to refocus.

  2. I understand the need to run…..for some of the same reasons as you and some different reasons too. I love listening to Glee lately.

  3. New year, new idea, commenting on blogs I love. Thanks for writing I like your style. Oh and the cheese post made my mouth water.

  4. I’m a walker, not a runner, but I like to listen to Viva la Vida meets Love Story (and other songs by Jon Schmidt), Stevie Wonder, Keb Mo, and Allison Krauss.

    And for relaxing: Yo Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone.

  5. Hey Tracy,

    Check your missionary policy. I don’t know if it’s local to our area but now if you’re over 30 (no, no I’m not confessing to my age) you can have the missionaries over. This has been nice because who knows when Kevin’s around/on call so I can still have the missionaries w/ the kids and everything. 😀 It totally brings a different spirit into the house.

    • Really?! I’ll have to ask our bishop. I always have to ask another family for dinner on missionary Sundays (and also ask that family to pick up and drop off the elders if they need it).

  6. Running Music:
    (Have I already sent you any of these?)
    Bulletproof – La Roux
    Wonderful – Gary Go
    According to You – Orianthi
    & K.D. Lang’s cover of Hallelujah from the Vancouver Olympics…..

    Patience and Persistence.

  7. Our SC is in a couple of weeks. We’re going to the satellite building so when my children freak out it only interrupts our building instead of the entire stake.

    I haven’t been able to feed the missionaries for ages because I never know if DH will be home for dinner.

    I have a friend in Oakland I keep thinking you should meet but I don’t know how to bring it up to him. We’re not super close but are friends on FB. He’s super nice, was our BP for a while, and is just an all-around great guy. If you ever head to the area let me know and I’ll work up the guts to talk to him about you. I’m such a chickenhead.

  8. I start back to my regular semester on the 18th, and I understand your hesitation. I always freak out the first week or two. And this semester I’m taking 4 upperdivision classes, SCARY!!
    I’m a walker, but can get up to like 2 minutes of running every once in a while. I like the idea of the up and down the stairs and jumproping. Do you have a good exercise video you can pop in? I’ve been hearing good things about a 30 day shred one. I think it’s the girl from biggest loser who made it.
    As for music, anything upbeat. I’ve been listening to alot of 80’s stuff lately that seems to help me keep moving. Thompson twins, A-ha, TMBG, Billy Idol, etc.
    Good luck with school and the kids. The night beanie has scouts is there anyone who can pick him up and bring him home?

  9. don’t worry about scouts, I will plan on taking jeffery and bringing him home unless you tell me he is not going. I can’t do regular babysitting but I definitely help frequently, our kids get along great. Just let me know when you need some help.

  10. Maybe that guy is lactose intolerant?

    Anyway, the adult session is almost always the best session of SC–don’t sweat the Sunday session, but do what you can to get to the Saturday one.

  11. The adult session is the best of SC. Not just because there are no kids 😉

    My current running fav is Audioslave, I Am the Highway is great, Be Yourself really applies to you, but all of it pushes me to go!

  12. Hey Tracy, I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! You are such a woman of faith and courage, and I hope that one day I can be hear as awesome as you are! I love to go running too, I like working all my frustrations out that way, but I certainly understand about there being too much snow. I live in WY and its been below zero quite a lot lately. No running for me. :/ Anyway, one of my favorite songs to run to is Rascal Flatts ‘No Reins’ every time I hear that song it helps me to remember that I am a strong capable woman and that I need to read for my dreams. Good luck with everything!

  13. I don’t run so don’t know if these will motivate you, but I like to listen to them when I exercise – Muse, Vampire Weekend, The White Stripes, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and P!nk (her Funhouse album).

  14. I just went back to the gym this morning after several weeks off for the holidays and sickness – time to shed the 6 pounds of eggnog now hanging off my hips.

    On my running playlist (don’t laugh)
    Can’t Be Tamed – Miley Cyrus
    Uprising – Muse
    Firework – Katy Perry

  15. I can’t comment on running music, because I actually hate running to a beat. I have to actually run TO the beat, which is often too fast or too slow for what my body needs. I did listen to an audiobook once, though. Kinda fun.

    As far as training for you race, any strength training you can do at home will go a long way while you wait for spring. Do yoga, pilates, your TRX thingie( or whatever you call that contraption you made), jumping jacks, whatever–it all counts. Seriously. Cross training will make ALL the difference. Are you tired of hearing me say that? Sorry–cross training, cross training, cross training!!! The stronger your core is, the better your posture will be. The better your posture, the less strain you’ll put on your legs when you run. The less strain, the less tired your legs will get, and the fewer injuries–hip, IT band (google it, it’s important for runners, and a common injury) knee, etc.

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