Back in Black

A few years ago, a good friend of mine was doing this color-scheme workshop about how to look your best. She invited me to be her Guinea-pig while she tried to get certified. Truthfully, it was kind of fun, and I did learn some useful tricks and ways to look better. One of the things she told me was that I needed to purge my wardrobe of anything black- that black was too harsh for my coloring and my “energy”, and my neutrals really should be brown, grey and navy blue. I like those colors, and for the most part, I think she was right. I excavated through my closet and carried her little color-card in my wallet.

Honestly, I still pretty much go by what she suggested- I love a grey t-shirt, and chocolate brown looks super on me. Navy as well. But recently, I slipped on a black, snug, long-sleeved t, and I felt… fantastic. I felt… chic. And I liked it! Checking myself in the mirror, it really was striking against my pale skin and dishwater blonde hair- especially since it had been so long since I had donned black. But it felt really good. There is just something about black…

Yesterday, on super clearance, I found a black patent-leather wallet. It sparkled and called to me from the pile of wallets, and I picked it up gingerly. My cherry-red wallet was fraying at the seams and looked so frumpy next to the sleek, shiny black patent. I stood there for a fraction of a minute, weighing my options. Less than the price of lunch? I bought it. And I cannot get over how much glee it give me when I reach into my purse and feel it. Is that totally ridiculous? Yeah. It is. And I don’t care.

I’ve decided I’m going to embrace black again. Not swath myself in it- it really is too harsh for me in big doses- but to accent and punctuate myself– Absolutely. The search is now on for some black-patent pumps… which really, every woman should own!

6 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. I went years without wearing black as I was told it made me look like a corpse once (gee, thanks!) but now I have embraced it and love it! I am also pale with yellow undertones and have medium blonde hair so I thought it was out for me but I have learned I love to wear a cute black top with jeans 🙂 I agree too, nothing feels as good as a pair of really great black pumps! I found some amazing Nine West ones at Ross for so cheap in Vegas last fall and they are one of my favorite items – a great high heel and pointy toe, sexy toe cleavage and just perfect! I say rock that black!!!

  2. So I heard that the Rack is doing a big shoe sale this Sat for sizes 10 1/2 and up women and men’s. It said to check out their website to see which locations are having the sale. When I went to the one in SLC after Christmas I found a great pair of black heels, haven’t worn them out and I’m still trying to learn how to walk in them. Good luck, and post pictures!!

  3. I used to wear black all the time, too, because it was “professional.” I still wear it sometimes but not to the extent I used to, for the same reason as you. It’s just too harsh for my coloring. A little black can be so striking sometimes, though. Those pumps in the photo rock. I’m hitting Nordstrom Rack tomorrow with my sister. I’m hoping to find something good.

  4. I’m paler than you, and I love black. My dress up clothes are almost exclusively black, and if they’re not running shoes, they’re black. My husband constantly tells me I look hot in black, and well, that’s a pretty good motivator right there. And if it’s not black, it’s red.

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