Some Things I’m Loving Right Now

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm

I’m flighty with my lip products, never staying loyal to one long- but I hate chapped lips, and the winter does a number on our kissers. I’m a sucker for a retro package, and this tin reminded me of the little sliding strawberry lip balm tins my grandma used to get me when I was a kid. I’m not disappointed. Available at Sephora among other places.


Stripped Knee-Socks

For some reason, these make me unreasonably happy. I love looking down and seeing the perky stripes over my toes, and I love the way I can pull them up to my knees or slip them down around the tops of my boots, depending on what I have on. This is new for me, who used to be of the low-cut running socks, even long before I started actually using my feet to run. Love them Available all over the place.



This has become my go-to almost-a-meal when I’m on the go (all the freaking time) or stuck in the car (too often) or late at school and trying to avoid the vending machines on break (two nights a week) or just wanting to eat something that will satisfy my insatiable craving for crunchy and salt without being made of potatoes. These little gems fill all that is asked of them. And they’re good for me too!


Living Proof FRIZZ Styling Products

I got these super-sized samples from Sephora, and as a serious devote of silicon products, I was skeptical if this more natural offering could cut the hardcore curl my head dishes out. Not only does it, but it makes my hair silky and soft too. Now I just need to find a way to get some more samples, because at $14 a pop, it’s too rich for my purse right now-but if anyone is looking for some super frizz stylers, this stuff is fantastic.

Kettle Chips Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

Okay, this is my serious guilty pleasure, craving, gotta have it right now, comfort food. And frankly, I have no idea why. Well, other than the intoxicating umami mixture of thick, kettle induced crunch, fine salt, and sodium acetate drenching them in sour vinegar flavor. We have a northwest brand called Tim’s Cascade Chips which has a good go at Salt & Vinegar, but they add a bit of sugar too, and I prefer the true salty sour I get from Kettle over the localvore that wants to support Tims. What can I say, my tastebuds win when I’m on the prowl for comfort food. I hope I get over this soon, because the extra gym time isn’t worth it.


2 thoughts on “Some Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. I’m glad you have time in your busy life to appreciate the small wonders of living! You have some great things on your list of “loves.”

    I also love almonds… and cashews… and peanuts… and most nuts!

    My guilty pleasure, comfort food is chocolate. Preferably milk chocolate. Adding caramel and/or nuts is a bonus.

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