Stir Crazy

The winds ripped through here last night, and brought arctic air and dry, whispy cold snow. I woke to a yard buried in drifts and single digit temperatures- and the worst sight in the world to a single mama: “School Closures” running across the tickertape at the bottom of the TV. I may have actually teared up.

The sad part? I had gotten up, cooked breakfast and gotten everyone dressed and outside waiting before I noticed it. So I didn’t tell them at first and let them finish shoveling (read: making a mess) of the driveway before I called them in. Now there’s a massive pile of dripping snowsuits and boots by the back door, and the Wii is in heavy rotation today. It’s the only way I’m gonna make it. Damn that stupid groundhog…

One thought on “Stir Crazy

  1. Stupid groundhog, indeed!

    We have a snow day today. Hoping to spite (or at least delay) the craziness, I promised lots of games and movies after we do some much-needed cleaning in the bedrooms…

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