My Secret Crushes

Someone asked me recently what type of guy I’m interested in. It got me thinking- while once upon a time I absolutely had a type I went for (my cousin Michael can totally vouch for that and is probably laughing) it’s not really true anymore. My tastes, they are a-changing. Sort of…

Nathan Fillion– a lot of people know his as Castle nowdays, but to the sci-fi geek girl in me, Nathan Fillion will forever be browncoat Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly. Renegade, pilot, captain, a mixture of futuristic mercenary, and wild west gunslinger. He’s a hero- but he’s also everything a hero is not. He’s got a moral center that guides him, but he takes what he wants anyway. Let’s face it, if you’re a geek-girl, Steampunk is hot.

Matthew Macfadyen– Okay, really this is about Mr. Darcy- and really, if we’re honest, that one scene. Oh, come now- you know the one… yesssss, that one. Of course, any time I’m flipping channels and Pride & Prejudice is on, it’s the Shawshank Redemtion Rule, and I have to stop whatever I’m doing and watch. I’m such a girl about this one- my other total girl movie that I have to stop and watch shall remain a secret. Anyone know?

Anthony Bourdain– Here’s my foodie crush. I was so happy when Bourdain joined Top Chef- I love his ascerbic, biting wit and this intense devotion to good food. His Travel Channel show No Reservations has been a favorite of mine for years. He’s not only a damn good chef, but he’s a very good writer, and his blog is worth checking out as he blogs his travels. He’s got the good life- getting paid to write, travel and eat all over the world. Droool!

Leroy Jethro Gibbs– Mark Harmon never really caught my eye when he was younger- just another pretty boy- and if anything is apparent, the pretty boys are not what catch my attention. But when he started playing the reclusive, basement boat-builder with a sense of right and wrong that is unwavering, and his temples started to grey at the same time- well, then I noticed. I love me some Gibbs. I love his rules, the attention grabbing wake-up call of a Gibbs’-slap, and his love peppered with fatherlike tenderness for Abby Sciutto.

Mr Incredible– yeah, I know. He’s a cartoon character. Wanna make something of it? I dare you to tell me what’s not to love about Mr. Incredible. Just watch that movie again sometime- It’s really a masterpiece, and I’ve got a soft spot for Bob. From how he folds his super-hero self into his tiny car, to how he cuts the little old lady some slack and helps her get what she needs. He’s nice to the weird neighbor kid, and he’s a great dad. Plus, seriously ladies- imagine laying your head on that chest. Sigh…

Henry Rollins– Oh Henry! How I do love you… I’ve written about the hotness of Henry before- and nothing has changed. The man is brilliant, talented, writes unceasingly and has been the part of several pivotal bands. Henry’s spoken-word tours are worth standing in line for- you won’t be disappointed. And oh yeah, he’s a smoking hot too. Is this a holdover from my bad-boy days? C’est possible, qui sait.

23 thoughts on “My Secret Crushes

  1. Oooohhhh, Malcolm Reynolds…. Thank you Nathan Fillion for sporting those leather pants – and I don’t usually like the whole leather pants thing. And it really helps that he has a jabbing conscience he tries to ignore.

    Can I just agree with you on all the rest of your choices? I think our tastes are awesomely similar.

  2. Oh, Nathan Fillion. You handsome devil, you. Such a huge celebrity crush on him that there isn’t room for anyone else. Firefly’s the best, but I’ll take him in Castle, too.

    Except maybe Hugh Laurie in House, just a little.

  3. *geek-girl raising hand in Idaho* Yes to all but Henry Rollins. Who? Dunno him. *ducking*

    Might as well add to that Harrison Ford (Han Solo, not the recent stuff), Collin Firth (who can resist the original Mr. Darcy?) and Cary Grant. Harry Connick Jr. .

    Oh, gee, I am really dating myself now. I might as well add the entire male cast of Breakfast Club and get it over with…….

  4. Ah, Malcolm Reynolds. Sigh….

    Nathan Fillon was also Caleb on Buffy, a super creepy bad guy, so really, it’s all about Malcom Reynolds, and not Nathan Fillon so much. But maybe I just need to watch me some Castle.

    HCJ has been my crush since the 90s. Not even joking. Can’t tell you how many states I’ve dragged my husband across, trying to get to a concert. Even with the weird stuff he did while I was in college, I’m still a fan.

    And HOW could you have left Christian Bale off the list? Newsies? Swing kids? BATMAN??? His unbelievably beautiful accent? I also watched 3:10 to Yuma as a favor to DH, and boy howdy is he hot in that one too. I’ve heard he’s a wretched human being, but what can I say, he’s the hottest Batman EVER.

  5. I still love Nathan from his very short stint on “Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place”. Back before they knew better than to give a sitcom that long of a name.

  6. Mmmmm… Nathan Fillion. I’ll watch him in just about anything, but he makes me laugh the most in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

    Most of the rest of my list is fairly predictable — Johnny Depp (preferably as Captain Jack Sparrow), Orlando Bloom (as Legolas), and Javier Bardem, but then I go way off the deep end and totally love John Hannah and Niles Crane (not David Hyde Pierce, mind you, but Niles).

  7. Sean Connery, love love love his accent. Connery as King Arthur, drool!! Love HCJ too when I saw him in Hope Floats that did it for me. James Marsden from X-men is pretty hot too. When I was little I had the hots for Gene Kelly, hey he could dance and sing what more is there to want. There are others too, but at the moment those are the ones that come to mind.

  8. Nathan Fillion is quite nice to look at and such a great character. I am all for Mr. Darcy but am adamant that it must be Colin Firth – he is the ONLY Mr. Darcy in my books. I also agree with Christian Bale, the accent and his eyes …. I could go on. I am also partial to HCJ and have been since high school. Two that I love to watch and listen to are Ryan Reynolds (love his wit) and Gerard Butler (big, burly, sexiest accent around) …. okay, now I need to stop …. when does my husband come home? šŸ˜›

  9. You had me at Firefly. And then to top it all off with the magnificent Henry Rollins… Well my goodness, Miss Tracey, you certainly know how to comprise a fantastic list of yummy men.
    (and I am totally on board with the Anthony Bourdain! yum, even if he is a fatalistic, cigarette smoking alchoholic)

  10. My current favorite romance movie/series is North & South. *sigh*.

    In addition to Nathan Fillion (Yum!) is Aragorn, and Brendan Frasier in Blast from the Past.

  11. This list makes me smile, and I’m totally with you on Anthony Bourdain.

    As for me, though… George Clooney, Clive Owen, and James Roday. And let’s not forget my long time animated crush, Prince Eric. His smile, his laugh, his dimples, his hair… I mean really. The guy even looks good when he’s drowning.

  12. Colin Firth is the best Mr. Darcy, but you have to admit, the end of the McFayden movie (starting with the appearance in the fog of dawn) in ultimately a much more satisfying finish than Jane Austen wrote herself.

    Christian Bale in Swing Kids? Yes. šŸ™‚

    Hugh Jackman, anyone?

    Robert Redford in Out of Africa.

    Christopher Reeve as Superman (but why oh why did they ever cast whatsername as Lois?)

  13. yeah, no kidding—what IS her name? I’ve never seen her in anything else, I don’t think. And yet everybody remembers Christopher Reeve as Superman, even if half of the movies did kinda stink.

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