“MOM! Come outside and see what Bean did!” I won’t even tell you the gut lurch that accompanies that statement, or how often I hear it. Why, what is that he’s got? Ooooooh my goodness… is that what I think it is…?!

He’s beyond pleased with himself- he’s nabbed the sunshade from the front of the house, which is now a kilt for my most creative boy. He somehow got it down, (I won’t think about what he stacked up or how he did it) and clearly, he thought it looked like something fun to wear.

The broadsword is a nod to his Scottish roots- because what’s a rigged-sunshade kilt without a sword? The boy knows his stuff.

4 thoughts on “Bean

  1. And this is one of the reasons I love you: Instead of yelling, swearing, or some other combination of negative reactions (which would have been my first response, along with “Remember we’re *renting*!”) – you grab the camera.

    [Okay, I know you didn’t write about your response, so you might have yelled – but still, you took a picture!]

    Bean looks so proud of his kilt – and the sword is a mighty fine finishing touch!

      • Ah, Tracy, I want to be like you when I grow up.

        I am still learning how to let slide the uncontrollable “little” things (in the grand scheme of things). I see a lot of progress over the years, so there’s hope. And I can learn from people like you. Maybe next time I’m faced with a similar situation, I will grab the camera.

        I’m glad you were able to suppress laughter – and that you shared Bean’s joy with all of us!

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