Needing Spring

March- in like a lion, out like a lamb. Or so the old adage goes. Today is the dregs of March, and it’s not feeling very lamb-like here in the northwest. I suspect I write a post like this about now every year. I’m craving blossoms and color like mad, and the dreary ever-present early-spring drizzle is making me chomp at the bit and be a cross with the clouds, the rain, and the wet boot prints all over the kitchen. The only spot of color in my yard is the one brave hyacinth. Sure, the tulips are close behind and the buds are swelling- but it’s all promise for now, and only colored by last year’s memories. I’m craving some yellow sunlight and some warmth on my face- sundresses and sandals and green grass. Pink blossoms on the apple trees will be right around the corner, I know, and soon enough it will be time for picking berries and making jam and turning on the fans to cool off Little House. But for now? I really want some warmth. Some sunlight on my face. Some cherry blossoms on the breeze and in my hair. I’m ready spring… bring it on softly… any day now. Please…?

Oh, and by the way? Thanks to the divine HairyShoeFairy, I now have a button! It’s all part of a coming redesign I’m working on with a little help from my friends. So if you wanna, grab some code and a Dandelion Button and stick me somewhere on your blog!

3 thoughts on “Needing Spring

  1. I understand. Here in my little corner of the Midwest, yesterday’s sun was a delight after days of dismal gray clouds and rain and threat-of-rain – and even a bit of snow! It was just dreary – the weather *and* my mood. Today we are back to the sun and clouds playing hide-and-seek, but at least yesterday promised the imminent arrival of spring.

    Thanks, HSF, for helping Tracy with the button! I’ll be adding it to my blog.

  2. Em the code in the post doesn’t work but the one under the button in her sidebar is correct so use that one.

    I’m looking forward to spring, too. In fact I just changed my desktop wallpaper to a photo of blossoms to help me fell more spring-y!

    And Michelle, you’re welcome!

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