After General Conference this weekend my house looked like I had a frat party instead of just three kids playing during 8 hours of church (yeah, I know it sounds insane). Knowing, with spring break en force, I didn’t have to wade into the morning fray, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching Firefly. (That “next episode” button is like crack, I tell ya.) When I wandered out of my dark room this morning (thank you black-out roman blinds) sleepy-eyed and disheveled, I was greeted with chaos.

Abby had brought a ream of paper up from my work room and all 500 sheets were spread all over the living room. Bean had carefully moved my antique cloche jar and sliver tray from the coffee table and balanced it precariously on a wing chair so he could draw scientifically accurate insects all over the table. He had also dragged up shipping boxes from the basement and used a whole roll of scotch tape to make what I can only assume was a USPS rocket. It was propped up with game pieces from Cranium, and a laundry basket. There was also a fort made from every blanket and pillow in the house, save those found on my bed.

From the basement I could hear Jeffrey hard at work on some next important level of the Wii. Wandering into the kitchen, someone had been making a collage by cutting up Lego directions and using glue sticks to paste them to 3 x 5 index cards. There were scraps of paper and crayons scattered to hell and back. Abby was sitting at the table, barefeet dangling absentmindedly and singing Primary songs to herself as she colored.

Jeffrey had clearly fed himself frozen burritos for breakfast, and there was a jar of jam on the counter with a spoon in it. Abby had a glass of milk beside her, so at least there was that.

You’d think from this that I must have slept half the day. Nope. This was all before 8:10 am. Welcome to Spring Break. It’s gonna be a long week.

11 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Homeschooling’s kinda like that. I never get the house clean–even when I do, even when they clean it with me.

    And that next episode button IS like crack. We discovered Psych in February and went through 4 seasons while the world crumbled around us.

  2. Oh my, you are making me dread spring break! At least ours is not for another 3 weeks and hopefully by then we will have some sunny warm weather and I can just send the older 3 outside 😛

  3. I so would have turned around and gone back to bed. Our Spring Break is next week. Hopefully we all survive. 🙂

  4. Which would be why I took the kids to utah for our spring break. We came home to a semi-clean house, and then within about 10 minutes of being home the kids were off to their dads. It was a great week, but now back to the last 6 wks of them semester.

  5. I can’t help it; counting my blessings each week has shifted my perspective. Therefore, one of my first thoughts is: At least your antique cloche jar and tray were still balanced precariously on the wing chair! It could have been smashed to smithereens all over the floor…

    Life is so fun with kids!! hahahahah [choke]

    Remember to have some low-key fun with the kids this week. It will help the time pass more quickly (or at least more sanely). Gotta love spring break…

  6. I know, right? When did anything past 7am constitute “sleeping in?”

    I’m re-watching Firefly on Netflix as well. But I only let myself start an episode if I’m on my elliptical. That way, I’m not only getting in some cardio, but I can blame being hot and sweaty on the workout rather than on Captain Mal.

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