A Peek at the Mess: Not a Design Blog

Can’t you just see this door hanging from the conveyors in Monsters, Inc? This is a door to an alternate reality, one that I’ve given up fighting, and am just resigning myself to as a reality. As a matter of fact, I took a look around my house, and just threw my hands up in resignation to the whole fruitless struggle. My kids are busy, messy and very creative. I was too. Oh heck, I AM still- my own creative messes take over the house somtimes, so how can I come down on the kids for doing what they see mama do? So I took some shots around the house. There is exactly one room in my house that’s clean and neat- and even that one has plastic Easter stickers on the window. What’s your house look like? (and I honestly don’t know how mamas have well-designed interiors when they have little kids around… I just don’t get it. I envy. But I don’t get it.)

Here’s what lies beyond that Monster’s Inc. door:

The boys’ beds and accumulated artwork on the walls.

Abby’s creative process in full force:

Abby’s drawings this morning, a bumblebee cat, a dog with a crown, and the solar system:

My one clean room:

6 thoughts on “A Peek at the Mess: Not a Design Blog

  1. I find having that ONE room makes all the difference, though.

    Hubs told the two older boys that if they kept their room “clean” for one year he would take them to Chuck E. Cheese, TWICE. It’s been 3.5 months and they have done surprisingly well. The younger boy mainly leaves throw blankets everywhere, and the older one, books and (blech) used tissues. And yes, there is a trash can in there. Poor kid, his allergies are FIERCE.

    I love all artwork on the walls, especially sloppily taped yellow-lined legal paper full of drawings. My daughter has quite the talent, and I agree that Abby does as well.

  2. Maybe this will offer some perspective: At least you can see some carpet in your boys’ room…

    I have a plaque that says: Martha Stewart doesn’t live here. It’s true – my house is not in pristine “show” condition – but it is lived in and is a generally happy place to be.

    Yours looks that way, too. 🙂

  3. My house wouldn’t be seen on a design blog either. I think I’m okay with that. It works for me the way it is; half constructed blanket fort in the living room and all.

    I think the bumble bee cat is possibly one of the greatest things ever.

  4. I love the framed “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. I should make me one of those. I could stand to see that message every twice in a while.

  5. I thought the one clean room was going to be a shot of your bedroom. 🙂 The only time my kids’ messy rooms truly bother me is when I have to go in there and avoid stepping on the LEGO pieces strewn about the floor. Stepping on those little pieces hurts like the dickens!

  6. Looks like there’s lots of creativity going on in your house. My granddaughter is only 2 months old, but I expect it won’t be too long before I have a room that looks like yours.

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