Independence & Liberty

Ray and MichelleAM picked me up at the Kansas City airport yesterday morning and took me on a fun tour of church history sites in the Zion/Jackson County area. Get your handcarts ready people! I can now claim the honor of being the first blogger Ray and Michelle have met in-real-life, and I’ll leave the verdict of their opinions to them- but I had a great time.

We’re building a new temple in Kansas City, and after Liberty Jail, we drove by the site, and I was quite impressed.

More to come later.

7 thoughts on “Independence & Liberty

  1. My resolve to post that comment as my wife lasted about two seconds, when I stopped and realized what my life would be like for the foreseeable future if I did. So, I admit, it was me posing as my wife – which anyone with functioning eyes knows or can see is not something I can do in person and hope to succeed.

  2. As Tracy can now attest, Ray’s sense of humor is as abundant IRL as it is online… He legitimately earns the laughter – and the rolled eyes.

    Tracy, it was an honor to meet you and spend time with you. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

    DM readers, especially those who, like me, have long admired Tracy from afar: My verdict is that Tracy is as fun and amazing and faithful and courageous and friendly in person as she appears on DM. 🙂

  3. Typed “Traci” while thinking “Tracy”. That’s what happens when you type while trying to listen to a woman correct you while you’re typing.

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