Bean’s Mad Haircutting Skillz

So, apparently, Bean does not like bangs. What you are seeing above is not Abby’s cute little bob brushed to the side. Oh no, my friends- the lack of bangs is really an utter lack of bangs. Yes, she was in need of a trim, and in fact I had scheduled one for when I returned from Missouri (more on that later) but Bean simply could not wait, and became so annoyed by her hair in her eyes that he took the scissors to her himself. Those bangs are now about 1/4″ long, and any other random hair locks he felt were out of place were also hacked. This picture was taken after (yes after!) the hairdresser had already “fixed” Bean’s improvements.

When I asked him why he did it, he shrugged and said her hair looked bad and he wanted to fix it. When I asked her what she thought, she said “Mom, Bean did a good job, I like my haircut.” Well then. There it is. Far be it from this mama to say otherwise.

16 thoughts on “Bean’s Mad Haircutting Skillz

  1. Haha. I woke up once to discover my oldest, who was about 4, had cut his own bangs off and then butchered his little sister’s hair. I was calling my mom to see if she could help me take the kids to a hair salon to try to smooth out the damage when I noticed a tiny bit of bright red hair on the carpet…turns out he had also cut my youngest son’s bangs, who was just a baby at the time. I felt fortunate I still had my long braid after that.

  2. It’s a right of passage. My brother cut my sister’s hair when she was about Abby’s age, and Little Sister has cut her own hair 4 times now. It’s just what they do.

    Abby actually does look cute without bangs. Something to think about, if Bean can stand to let her grow them out :).

  3. Lincoln once took Vi’s hair down to the scalp right on top. He had a scalping/buzz cut faster than you could say “Maybe you should think that through, Mom.” Vi ended up with a really, really bad mullet–the best we could come up with given the original cuts.

    I blame the professional stylists for making it look so easy. A snip here, a snip there and voila! it’s gorgeous. Not so much when the scissors are in the hands of the littles.

  4. Well! There’s certainly not a dull moment (or pair of scissors) in your house! (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). I’m guessing it could have been far worse though, I see Bean’s hair looks untouched!

  5. One time when my daughter was about three I unwisely tried to trim her bangs myself. After a few snips I stood back to realize that they were only about 1/2 inch long, still crooked, and looked horrible. The only thing we could do was wait for them to grow out, but the worst part was when people would look at my daughter and ask her “oh sweetie, did you get into the scissors?” She was confused by that.

    I had a cousin that kept cutting her little sister’s hair. Finally my aunt got fed up and shaved her head in retaliation–it didn’t phase her. She just went around telling everyone “look, I’m Sinead!”

  6. FoxyJ, that is fantastic!!

    Similar story – I know a very interesting dad, one of whose parenting tenets is to always follow through on consequences. His daughter had trimmed her own hair a bit and he told her if she did it again, he’d shave her head. She did it again. And he shaved her head. That story is always going to stick with me as an example of consistency… but I wonder if I’d have the guts to follow through with something like that!

  7. Ray says, “Sorry, Tracy, but somebody’s laughing – even if that somebody isn’t you.”

    I’m just glad that my youngest is not the only scissor-monster out there… She’s finally growing out of it. (crossing my fingers, because she has a spot that certainly *looks* like she took scissors to it, though she says she didn’t…)

    I think your reaction is amazing. Abby likes it. Bean is proud of himself for fixing a problem. And you shrug it off and say, “Okay then, where’s the problem?” You are a good mother!

  8. You will look back and laugh. My youngest used to have beautiful long curly hair. When she was 4 her 5 yo sis cut it all off. The funny thing is at 18 the cutter wants to be a hairstylist. Her sister still lets her cut and dye her hair.

  9. Yeah, I’m not too upset, since she’s not. Her birthday is Monday, and I _was_ thinking about pictures, and after thought, I think I will still do it. It’s a snapshot of her life, and right this minute, this is what she looks like. I’m no Toddlers & Tiaras mama, so if she’s happy, I’m good.

  10. And I’m cracking up, not just because of the bangs (she really is a very pretty little girl, and the loss of the bangs has made her even prettier because you see her eyes instead of her hair), but because of the little horns Bean’s giving her in the photo. Hee!

  11. Bwahahaha! As you may remember we had our own little hair-cutting incident around Christmas and I’m sure we’ll have several more to come. Oh, my. Well, at least she’s happy with it. Sadly, there’s not much you can do with cut hair. You can’t make it grow any faster so what’s done is done. I’m glad you’re still getting photos taken. It’s reality captured on film.

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