Happy Birthday Abby 5.0

My dearest Abigail,

Five years ago today you entered the world, amid cheers and rejoicing from far and wide. From the beginning, everything about you was different than your brothers. You entered the world peacefully, quickly, and calmly. Your spirit was a welcome gift after the chaos of your siblings, and you gave the gift of yourself to us. There were storms lying before us that we could not yet see, but your peaceful, joyful countenance was already a ballast to your family. We rejoiced in you, our little pink surprise.

Your journey from a tiny little hope deep inside me, to the vibrant, brilliant, spunky girl you are today has been a joy and  wonder to behold. Hundreds of people anticipated your birth; you are my only child who’s entire life is documented here in writing. I hope someday this is a treasure to you, but it might just as likely be an indulgence at which you roll your eyes at your crazy mama. Either way, it stands as a record of everything, from the faint pink line on the pregnancy test, through to today, when you woke me before dawn and proudly proclaimed that today was the long-awaited day and you were ready for some cake.

Today, you constantly amaze me with your talents and your intellect. I find your artwork all over the house, and scraps of paper with pieces of writing that no four-year-old should have been able to produce. Your curious but gentle mind makes friends with everyone and seeks the best in others, and having the brothers you do, while surely not easy, has helped you learn patience, compassion and how to fight for your rights, when justice needs be served. You make me proud.

I adore your sense of adventure, and that you are just as comfortable in your Darth Vader outfit as you are in a pink fluffy tutu- which was your choice this morning. The rainbow cake has been baked, the presents are waiting, the banners are strung, and you are busy coloring, awaiting the brother’s return home so we can celebrate together.

I am eternally grateful that your kind, creative, spunky and headstrong spirit came to be my daughter. The sun shines brighter because of you, my sweet girl. Each day I learn from watching you, and hope that I am up to the task of being your mama.

Mama loves you. More than you will ever know.

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  1. So beautiful! What a loving and perfect tribute. I hope I get to meet this adorable sweetie someday! Happy Birthday, Abby!

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