Snapshot of Right Now

Abby’s hair. My paintbrushes. It really looks like I need to hide all cutting implements from Bean. I’m still mourning my paintbrushes, and haven’t figured out what to do- paintbrushes are something artists collect over years, and some of my brushes I’d had for close to 20 years. I can’t walk by the sheared pile without wanting to cry. It’s a good thing he can’t reach the birds… or can he? Oh crap, I should go check the birds…

2 thoughts on “Snapshot of Right Now

  1. I’m so sorry. Although this one isn’t restricted to Bean. I think most boys go through a destructive fascination with scissors. I’ve told O he’s never touching scissors until he’s 20 more than once.

  2. Linc has a lifetime ban. He defies me all the time. Cats, couches, clothes, sisters, self. Ug.

    I’m so sorry about the brushes. Do you have a safe you can keep scissors in? (We keep chocolate chips in ours.)

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