Random Crap: Spring- with Pictures!

Last weekend, Mo flew over to hang with me, and we each others’ dates for her coworker’s wedding. It’s been years since I attended a full Catholic mass- I forgot how beautiful it can be, and I noticed the distinct similarities (and differences) in their liturgy and ours. It was a beautiful wedding (aren’t they all?) and it’s nice to see two people really happy. Plus, Mo and I got to get all prettied up and go out without kids- that’s a WIN no matter how you spin it. I sure hope everyone has a friend like this. Mo has singlehandedly made me believe and trust in friendship again.

It’s been a brutal quarter so far with school. Four classes was probably a mistake, but I still have hope I can pull it off. This is part of why I’ve been scarce at my recreational writing- I’m tapped out most nights. I’m taking a class on teaching teens with ADD, a class on education and the abused child, a communications class and an elective on music theory. I know, I know… what was I thinking?

I have developed a serious problem with Diet Dr. Pepper. I am ashamed to admit it, but it’s keeping me afloat through the utter lack of sleep and candle-burning I’m doing right now.

This morning I turned on the tv, and there was Rick Bayless on PBS cooking with Julia Child. The foodie geek-girl in me sqeee’d with delight, and I nuzzled under the covers to watch him in her familiar Massachusetts peg-board kitchen. That show was followed by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and I sunk deeper into my bed with delight as she made garlic cayenne potatoes and showed how to roll orchiette. Then the kids woke up and my reverie was over.

So the other morning, I woke up and threw the living room drapes open, only to be greeted with this enormous, disgusting bird poop on my window. It wasn’t there the night before… now someone tell me HOW a bird (the size of an albatross, judging by the size of that disgusting rorschach) shot that baby at a vertical window surface in the dark?? Seriously!? And GROSSS! The kids have been marveling at it and making up stories about how it happened.

I think my hamstring if finally healed. Okay, it’s been healed for a bit- but I need to get back to running. I can feel my legs atrophying and I miss the rush. You never, ever want to hear your hamstring make the loud noise mine made a few weeks ago. Bad. Very bad. All better now though. Back in the saddle.

Speaking of strange wildlife, this little critter usually greets me coming and going from campus for my Thursday night class. He’s quite brassy and seldom runs away- and just hangs out on his rock pile. I posted this pic to Facebook and the consensus (very scientific data gathering) was that he is definitely not a snake, and most likely a marmot. He’s the size of a cat, and quite beaver-ish looking, only not. There is a spring in that rock pile, so he’s living large. What think ye?

So a friend and I were talking the other day, and she commented how she finds great, brand-new, tags-still-on lingerie at DI thrift stores. I’ve been thinking about that and I think I have some things to say, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly what and exactly how I want to approach it. This is, I think, indicative of a much bigger issue that I am unfortunately very aware of. More later, I promise.

The boys got to attend a play with some good friends last night, and were given the grand-tour backstage after the show. The got to check out the prop department, the costumes, the hydraulics under the stage, the rigging and the lights. They were returned home completely amped and both wanting to become thespians. I’m totally okay with that, and loved seeing them so excited. Bean even made it through the whole play, with only minimal processing issues. A definite win.

While the boys were gone, I took Abby to our favorite hole-in-the-wall taqueria for dollar tacos. She received several compliments-as she does these days- on her coiffure, and she glows under the praise. She also killed a taco and enjoyed some spicy salsa, then asked me if we could go get manicures. We peeked in the window of the salon, but I told her manicures were more expensive than tacos, so we could skip to the car instead, and she was satisfied. I love five-year olds.

I’m looking at grad schools. Shhhhh. Not ready to talk about it yet.

Bean’s garden is coming right along. He even snuck some seed packets out and scattered them, without telling me. We should have an interesting melange of plants here in a few weeks. I love seeing him so excited about growing stuff. Now if he would just eat some of it… a mama can hope.

Hey mamas? A final thought: Go out and buy yourself something pretty- maybe lacy or ruffled or silky. Cut the tags off, and put it on. See how you feel. Remember how good it feels to be pretty- and you are. And then roll with it.

7 thoughts on “Random Crap: Spring- with Pictures!

  1. Soon Abby’s bangs are gonna be as long as Mo’s. She (and Mo) can pull off that look.

  2. I totally bought two ruffled shirts shortly after my marriage ended – but now they’re too big, which is a win and a lose at the same time, but I’m going with the win 🙂

  3. It’s great to see where your ramblings take you in your random posts. I love to see your thoughts in action!

    I can’t wait to read about your thoughts on the lingerie issue… My mind is spinning with the possibilities!

    I think the boys seeing the play and getting the back stage treatment is awesome. Many of my kids are thespians, to one degree or another, and have been involved in tech/stage crew. They love it!

    I have permission to buy something pretty for me? Cool! (I should wait until I get the gift card I won at a work party, though.)

    [Wow, I have a thing for exclamations tonight… We’ll blame the 12-hour work day.]

  4. My dh informed me you developed a serious problem with Diet Dr Pepper…I just had to read about it. That is my drink of survival for this move and unpacking business. I could write all about my serious problem with Diet Dr Pepper and the fact I begged him on his trip to Home Depot yesterday not to forget to stop by Maverick and get me one. Another reason I love you Tracy!
    Good luck with school…
    And love the randomness of your thoughts.

  5. I loved these random thoughts – much more random than usual!
    Glad you got a fun night out and you probably made one hot date (as did Mo!)
    That bird poop is crazy and huge – h0w in the world did they aim that?
    I am very intrigued by this lingerie topic. I have a feeling that many of those items were purchased by a well-intentioned husband but ended up in the DI by a wife who refused to consider putting it on. I agree with you – you never know how you will feel in it until you put it on. Every woman needs something racy and lacy and a little bit naughty … but I will settle for anything that makes a woman feel sexy. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the word “sexy” seems taboo in our Mormon world ….
    Okay, sorry to highjack that and I will stop the rant. Love Abby’s bangs and can’t wait to see Bean’s garden come along 🙂

  6. Companies like people can donate things to DI and get a tax deduction unsold stock is often donated. That could explain the items with tags.

    Moms of all stripes need a reminder to take care of themselves and sometimes that means something that makes them feel pretty, So even if it isn’t due to women forgetting that, it is still a good reminder.

  7. We had the same bird poop conversation! One on my daughter’s bedroom window – I’m wondering if the bird did it on purpose because it knows we are showing our home.

    Moving again I am finding myself friendship shy too. So many friends have promised to keep in touch and love me forever then I’m quickly forgotten. It’s tough to keep opening up, but what I wouldn’t give for a Mo of my own! sigh.

    I’m awaiting the lingere discussion. I don’t wear it, nothing feels better than wearing the most comfortable PJs in the world, that don’t look sexy, and my husband still reaching for me with gusto.

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