C’est Fini (for now)

You may not believe me, but earlier this term I really thought I was going to have to drop or take a zero in two of my classes. I bit off a huge piece, taking four classes for 17 units. Most of you probably know, but 12 units is a full-time student. Plus, this time all four of my classes were level 450 and up. Tonight, a mere six hours before the deadlines, I submitted my final paper of the term. In the last week I wrote more than 10 papers. None of them were monsters- the largest was seven pages- but still, that’s a whole wheelbarrow of writing. My poor kids are feeling pretty neglected, and I won’t even tell you about the laundry situation. Clean socks are a hot commodity, that’s all I’ll say. Monday is the first day in more than a year where I don’t have an assignment looming, or something to register for, or reading to plow through, or some something that needs me.

I did it. One full year down. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Oh, wait… yes I do. Laundry! But for now, I am going to sleep and sleep and sleep.

11 thoughts on “C’est Fini (for now)

  1. I read your blog from time to time, and cheer you on from afar, though I don’t know you. I, too, am juggling school and family, and it is tough! I could never do 17 units! Congratulations on another semester and a year done!

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