Fifth, Second and Kindergarten

In one-hundred and three minutes, my children will be out of school for the summer. Dread does not fill me as it did last year at this time- I think I’ve got my sea-legs as far as being a single-mama now, and I know I can totally do this. Now, can I do it well? That remains to be seen, and ultimately my children will be the judges.

This week, my first off school in more than a year, has been about clean-up. There was smoking wreckage all around me from the benign neglect of mama cramming to finish 17 units (4.0 babies- I did it). In the last four days I haven’t left the house much- which is fine because the weather has sucked lemons. All the closets are cleaned out, all the laundry is done, all the clothes have been sorted and all the stuff too-small is in piles to donate. The winter coats are pulled and boxed, and the shorts are in power rotation. Swimsuits are in drawers and sandals have replaced snowboots in the shoe basket. Now if only the sun would come out. 52 degrees and raining. Damn Washington.

I’m ready. I can do this. I’m hoping we can sneak in some fun this summer, despite our limitations. I’m scheduled to speak later this summer again, so there might even be a chance for me sneak away for a few days on my own. That’d be heavenly if it works out. For now, I’m sipping a cup of chai, and enjoying the peace and quiet of my clean house. One last carpool. 97 minutes….

5 thoughts on “Fifth, Second and Kindergarten

  1. Despite all the difficult stuff that landed you there, having the ability to clean with that intensity without interruption sounds appealing to me right now. Your “done” list makes me pine. I’m still in the “must be productive in 8 minute increments” stage and that does not make for effective napalm. So wrap that mini happy thought up and put it in your pocket. (While I drown in trying to move with 3 {sick} kids under 5….. blech.)
    (I am such a whiner today…. must be related to being up 7 times last night with aforementioned sick kids)

  2. Are you speaking in SLC this summer? You have been very productive in your first week out of school! I need to be as motivated… We’re trying, and so far have been able to stick to our summer schedule/freedom fairly well. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  3. Yes, Michelle- SLC for sure, possibly elsewhere, but I’m not sure yet. Are you guys still up here in the next short while? Give me a call or fire me an email.

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