Catching Up: Painting of The Cats

This painting has been so very long in the works. I have stopped and started it no fewer than five times. Nothing has ever stymied my creativity and caused me to doubt my skills like painting this picture of my cousin’s dear cats. I have struggled, literally, for more than two years to get this painting just right. I never captured the personalities of the pets to my own satisfaction, and cried more then a few tears of frustration over my inability to do so. Finally, though- finally when I scrapped and threw away yet another attempt, I realized I needed to stylize them, and be happy with capturing their essence. And when I did that, all the pieces fell into place.

Even the weaving of all three tails into the spiral- it just came out that way when I sketched them onto the board. I know they are not perfect representations of the actual felines, but I think it came out lovely and that they are all represented in the spirit of the piece. And for this, I am pleased. I hope my cousin is when she finally gets it this week. Thanks for your patience R.

This also opens me up for new commissions. Email me if you’re interested. Just… no more pets. Kids, I can do. Pets? Nope.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up: Painting of The Cats

  1. This painting made me tear up. I’m single, no children, and I had to have my cat put to sleep last August. I still am missing her so deeply. My family is urging me not to get another one – sister is allergic, and she’s been to my house more in the last 10 months than the last 10 years – but it’s amazing how much company cats are, in their own stand offish ways! Your painting is beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  2. I am such an idiot. i thought you were actually applying paint to the cats (ok, i thought bean had done it) The painting is wonderful.

    Aunt V. please look into getting russian blue or siamese cats. very few people are allergic to them, and you need your cat. (also, maybe you can visit your sister elsewhere unless you are housebound)

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