Nick on Repeat FOREVER

My kids lost the remote to the TV. It’s all Nickelodeon, all the time, twenty-four/seven. Shoot me now. I have torn the house apart looking for it- even going so far as to dig through the stuffing from the cushions Bean sliced open with my shears (remember that fun day?) For crap’s sake, I even tipped the damn couch on end, wondering if it was stuck inside.  One more episode of iCarly and I may do something terrible, drastic, mean or criminal. Help me, people!! I’m going INSANE!

13 thoughts on “Nick on Repeat FOREVER

  1. Hmm, if money allows, go buy a universal remote. Or you could turn the TV off and have the monkeys look for it (let them get into those nooks and crannies for you). Good luck!

  2. I know you’re a lot younger than I am, so you might not be aware of the buttons on TV’s that change the channels without having to use a remote. (*covers heads and runs away, ducking from flying objects*)

  3. Well, hopefully it didn’t ever make it’s way into the car you sold and no longer have! Weirder (I guess thats a word!) things have happens I suppose!

  4. We lost ours a few days ago and actually used the buttons on the tv and the cable box! It was crazy! Luckily we found it after just one day. Walmart has universal remotes for about 5 bucks and they are right in the check out lane by the chapstick and whatnot. (So you don’t have to venture too far into the store if you are the type that hates Walmart )

  5. You guys are all so funny! We called the cable company, and they said we could come down and get a new remote for $5. I told Jeffrey it was his responsibility since he lost the last one, and he wanted to play Wii bad enough that he agreed to pony up, and we drove to the cable company offices.

    The lady handed him a remote, and when he handed her the $5, she looked at me and asked “You gonna make that child pay?” Yes, I said, it was about responsibility and a lesson. She rolled her eyes and pulled a second remote from the box, told him they were free to redheaded boys today, and handed them to him. He did his dorky happy dance right there at the counter for the lady.

  6. Good for you for making him pay for it, and that was nice of her to give him a 2nd one. I say put the 2nd on in a safe spot you will remember so next it gets lost you have a spare!!

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