5 thoughts on “A Little Something I Wrote

  1. I left several years ago, but my daughters have remained active members, I appreciate so much your insightful post that gives us common ground for a discussion on this subject. (P.S. this post is making the rounds on FaceBook now which is how I found it–thanks again for sharing your thoughts and opening a discussion which critically needs to be addressed!)

  2. I’m also behind on reading BCC and I rarely comment but I came over here after you closed the comments down just so I could say thanks. This was a great post and someone needs to be saying what you said. I have a 2-year-old daughter who has been wearing sleeveless sundresses 90 percent of the time this summer. I was blown away that multiple people at church came up to me to comment on the lack of sleeves. My response is always, “Aren’t they great? I’m terribly jealous of her.”

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your post. I read it and the comments. By the time I got to it, comments were closed. I didn’t feel like entering the fray there anyway.

    Anyhow I appreciate your insights and feelings. I get frustrated when friends of mine will assume that folks of different faiths are somehow immodest if they or their children wear sleeveless dresses. You’ve given me some good ideas of ways that I can respond to that criticism.

  4. I’m thinking the June issue of the Friend isn’t going to make it out of the plastic wrap at our house.

    I dress modestly, at least what I think is modestly. I choose to wear capris because I personally feel I look stupid in long shorts. I choose to cover my shoulders because of the covenants I have made.

    I struggle with finding modest clothes for my daughter, but since she is five I am not too concerned about bare shoulders and skirts that are too short.

    If someone were to say something to me about how my daughter dresses, I think I would really struggle to keep from punching them in the nose or dressing her in nothing but strappy dresses just to bug them.

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