Random Crap: Summer Doldrums

All week I’ve been trying to come up with something good to write. Clearly, my plans panned out successfully! Yeah. Oh well. Honestly, for me, my best writing is effortless and just pours out. I never revise Dandelion posts- and other than a quick look-over for grammar and repetition, I just spill, and post. So when writer’s block hits me, I kinda don’t know what do to with it. It’s just the lazy, unstructured days of summer.

I took Bean on a mama-date the other day, and we went to the Pink Pet Store- which is not pink, but he’s always called it that. Finally realized it’s because the word PET is written in sun-faded red on the front of the store, and it looks pink. Anyway… there was a parrot there that was mimicking him, and I can’t remember seeing him so delighted. It was beautiful.

Speaking of Bean- check out his awesome go-go boots. He got them at the thrift store for $1, and doesn’t care one whit that they are girls boots. The ankle chains were a major selling point. This outfit, more than even him wearing a dress, had be steeling myself and mumbling “it’s not about me…it’s not about me…”

Abby and I went on a Mama date too- guess where she chose to go? Yep. Sephora. It’s bad when the sales ladies greet her by name and help her into the high chair with the lighted mirrors. She was giddy. It was worth it. Did I mention she had on her Vader outfit with a purple sundress? Yeah. At least you all would be certain to recognize us if you ever saw us anywhere…

We’re having some freaky July weather. 90 degrees one day, then 65 and raining the next. Bizarre. Can’t say I like it.

Getting ready to head down to Salt Lake here in a few- stay tuned for a Dandelion play date announcement. I’m thinking of just posting a time and date and inviting friends to meet us at the park. Would anyone be interested in that kind of chaos and, um, fun? I promise, my kids will choose their own clothes, so the freak flag will be flying.

If you haven’t watched HairyShorFairy’s tutorial on how to curl your eyelashes with a spoon, you must. So cool!

7 thoughts on “Random Crap: Summer Doldrums

  1. Take those summer doldrums, add a little perma-unpacking, and you have my gaping lack of substantial posts lately…..

  2. I used your Divorce/Arms against the Doorjamb story in my Eternal Marriage Lesson on Sunday. Thanks for writing such a beautiful piece. It was an unconventional lesson, well, they all are when I teach and I count on using personal, real-life scenarios. One young, divorced mom, in particular, was very touched and really related to your struggles and victories, so thanks again! Cathy

  3. Wow, thank you Cathy. I really appreciate knowing that, and knowing there are women taking non-typical situations into account when prepping their lessons. That warms my heart.

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