Prepping to Roll

Bean is already stressing about being in the car “FOREVER,” as he wails plaintively. I’m hoping the new DVD player my RS sisters brought by will aid and abet his pain- as well as the extensive video catalog, recently freed from their plastic cases and popped into a binder. Amazing how many movies fit in little plastic sleeve things… and how much money is in those same little sleeves. Don’t lose them!

Scout camp closing ceremonies last night were an illustration of just how little it takes to get large groups of boys to literally roll around in the dirt. My washing machine may not recover from Scout camp. Also, Bean can disappear into the woods in 3.7 seconds flat, and take the remainder of the ceremony to find. My apologies in advance to his scout leader come September when he joins the ranks. Rest up, fair leader. Rest up.

I’m off the thrift store to find some baby-shades for the windows. Already anticipating Bean hating the sun and the glare offending him. The suburban had limo-tints; not so with littler car. Anticipating as well as I can all the things he might hate.

Nevermind that we’re trying to leave for Zion tomorrow- we have two birthday parties today an X has visitation. It’s gonna be a doozy of a day.

I’m speaking at the Sunstone Symposium at Weber State University in Ogden next Friday and Saturday. Friday I’m the respondent to a paper on the artistic face of God, and on Saturday at 11 a.m., my co-panelists and I are revisiting the presentation we gave in Independence back in April. I’m chairing another panel on Saturday as well. Anyone who’d like to come is most welcome- there will be lots of other people way smarter than me speaking, so you might find something that interests you.

So the Come Play at the Park with Me and My Insane Monkeys Day is set for Wednesday, August THIRD (!) Sorry! at Southfork Park (subject to change- we need a park with shade and lots to play on, and no wilderness for Bean to escape into) in the Provo area. Most likely 11-3, but I’ll put up a post from the road with more details. I can’t wait to meet anyone who feels like showing up. This has the potential to be fun, and hey! you might get to see a real life catastrophic melt down, or Abby Vader. One never knows with us, as you know by now.

I’m attending my very first sealing at the Timpanagos temple on Thursday. Really looking forward to this- for so many reasons. Never been to a Mormon wedding!

Utah streets confuse the crap out of me. Oh, it’s been explained to me, and I understand it in theory- but in practice? Bafflement. SO! Yesterday, thanks to my kind ex-mother-in-law, I picked up a Garmin Nuvi from Craigslist for $40. Now Karen soothingly tells me where to go in her luscious Australian accent, and I can ignore the chaos and dismay bellowing from the backseat. That’s the plan anyway.

O’dark thirty is gonna come mighty early… I’m hoping to get several hours on the road before Bean even wakes up. I’ll let you know how that goes… (are you laughing too?) fingers and toes crossed, mighty prayers ascending to heaven. Wish us luck!

(I’ll be Tweeting as we go… check the feed if you’re bored enough) And no, I won’t Tweet as I’m driving, Mo! I Promise.

7 thoughts on “Prepping to Roll

  1. The street system would make sense, if they would follow it. If you can actually find an area that’s laid out on the grid system and doesn’t have those silly half streets, dead ends, curvy roads, etc., it’s not bad. But I think I’ve come across one, maybe two, in the 10+ years I’ve lived here. It’s a bit ridiculous. I need one of those GPS things too.

  2. Watch out for the construction from about American Fork to Provo, it is crazy! Hope your drive goes as smoothly as possible and that the dvd player helps. Hope to make it on wednesday.

  3. nielson grove park in Orem is awesome! Although it does have a pond, it’s full of ducks and huge goldfish that are fun to feed, it has a playground and paved paths that kids like to ride ripsticks, scooters and bikes around, the other side of the park has two giant fountains that are about 6-8 inches deep that kids wade in (even with the sign warning people to keep out because of the possibility of a dangerous bacteria that was all over the county a couple of summers ago.) It may be a little hard to keep an eye on the Bean except that it’s wide open without many mature trees (there are little ones for shade, and some pavillions) It’s just off the university parkway exit in Orem, turn south and go past walmart and it’s on the left right before the roundabout.

  4. Wednesday, August 6th? Um. Will you be there on a Wednesday or August 6th? I would love to meet you. Sadly I will be in Cedar City on August 6th, but I would definitely be around the Wednesday after that!

  5. Wish I was in Utah this week! Sounds like a fun gathering.

    Good luck with your presentations, and with your drive. How many hours is it? We just drove 8 hours with lots of angst and impatience and stress, but no blood. I count that as a hard-earned positive.

  6. Pioneer Park and Veterans Park (both in provo) probably fit your requirements and they are really easy to find. Let me know the final destination and we will stop by and say hi.

    Obviously you must have a place to stay, but I am leaving to go meet Bek in Vegas on Thursday and my house (in provo) will be empty until sunday. You are welcome to stay here if it helps you save a few bucks or if it is easier with Bean to have a place to yourselves 🙂 Just throwing that in there…

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