Zion Thus Far

So we rolled in Sunday afternoon about 3:30- decent time, I thought. The skies were dressed in thunderclouds and big fat drops of rain spattered us. Before the car had even been turned off, my kids had burst from the car to greet their friends, and were jumping on the trampoline and eating apricots from the tree in the backyard in the pouring rain. Happiness abounded.

I like it here. I said it on facebook, but if you don’t know me there- I’m confounded how somewhere I have never lived can feel like home. I almost choke up driving into the valley. Come come ye saints, indeed. My people.

Despite only getting three hours sleep the night before, I stayed up waaay too late visiting with my friends, and then slept with Abby kicking me in the kidneys all night. It’s possible I’m a wee bit tired.

Had my first Cafe Rio experience today. It was actually quite delicious, especially for a chain. I still love the taco trucks, but the pork was very good, and the cilantro lime dressing was more than passable. My friend Katie then took me to DI- also a first. That has to be the cleanest thrift store I’ve ever been to, and I scored some clothe for Abby for less than half what I would have paid at my local Value Village.

The friends I’m staying with are celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary, and while they have a romantic getaway, I’m at their house with EIGHT children, and me, all by my lonesome. Seven boys, and Abby.  Heaven help me.

Which reminds me, I don’t think I know how to cook for nine people. And they’ll be hungry here soon. *gulp*

What’s up with the humidity Utah? This feels more like Missouri than a desert. And my hair, the ultimate barometer, agrees with me. Egad, it’s bad. Which also reminds me, our potential park playdate…

I think we’re going to go with Pioneer Park in Provo. There’s a pavilion, playgrounds and shade. The address is 500 West Center Street. Wednesday, August 3, 11:00-3:00, ish. It may just be my friend Katie and I there, but anyone who wants to play and visit is welcome to join us. She has five boys, and my monkeys will be en force. Bring a blanket and some snacks and come hang out.

11 thoughts on “Zion Thus Far

  1. Utah does have a very definate ” welcome home” vibe. Glad you and the littles are having a good time so far. I’m with you on cafe rio. It’s fine.. But what they serve as a taco isn’t a taco truck taco ( those are my favorite too). That cilantro / onion mix is the best. :-). Utah isn’t usually humid, is it? I don’t remember. Keep updating. It makes me happy and homesick at the same time.

  2. August in the Rocky Mt. west = humidity due to summer rains and all. Or maybe the summer rains are due to the humidity. There’s something involving the jet stream shifting to bring moist air in, but I am not a weather geek enough to explain it properly.

    I’m glad you’re still blogging while traveling solo-with-kids. I used to do that a lot since my dh never developed a tolerance for kids bouncing off the ceiling of the car and managed to not be available for very much of it.

  3. Oh, I wish wish wish I could meet up with you at Pioneer Park. I live in Spanish Fork and it would only be a 20 minute drive. It would have been SO MUCH FUN.

    Alas, it is not to be. My younger brother and his three kids are living with us for the summer (while he gets back on his feet after the divorce), and I don’t have a car that fits all eight kids (9 and under). Since my brother found a job (HOORAY), I’m home alone with all the kids all day. (So I feel you with the what-to-make-for-dinner thing.)

    I was hoping to meet you, to tell you in person how much I admire your writing and your quilting and your passion and your family. (I also wanted to pick your brain about thick semi-curly hair, and if I should suggest that my brother have his kids talk to a counselor, and what’s the best way to paint a mural…)

    But I guess I’ll just have to settle for telling you here: You’re awesome.

    Have a great time here in Utah. (And, according to the Deseret News, this humidity is highly unusual. Like record-breakingly high.)

    • Keryn, recruit a friend to come with you and parcel out the kids! I’d love to meet you and have a chance to visit. There’s got to be a simple way- there’s gonna be a ton of kids- the more the merrier. Please do come!

  4. Sounds like everyone is having record-breaking weather. The heat wave (with humidity) in the Midwest has been around for about a month now. I’m not in AZ or Vegas – I shouldn’t be dealing with temps over 110. And we came home from vacation to a broken a/c. Yeah, I’m grumpy!

    Ironically, I’ve been learning how to cook for FEWER people as our oldest kids go to college. I’ve begun to wonder how on earth I will be able to half recipes. I’ve been doubling and tripling recipes for so long, I’ve forgotten how a normal serving looks!

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying Utah. Have fun!!

  5. Just wanted to comment on the whole feeling like home thing. I was born in Logan while my parents were going to USU. We moved to CA when I was 4 mos and then to Carson City, NV when I was 3. My parents were born and raised in St. George, UT. EVERY time we would travel to visit family in either north or south UT I felt like I was coming home. I always thought that it was because of my pioneer heritage and their desire to live in Zion. Maybe it IS because of their desire and hardwork, but also because of everyone of them and especially because it truly IS a place where our Father in Heaven has blessed. Loved that feeling of Home so much that we decided to move to Utah to raise our family here. (relationships weren’t ideal with parents, but hey, we were old enough to make our own choices) So glad you feel welcome. You should come back often!

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