Playing at Pioneer Park in Provo!

Hey everyone, come join us Wednesday from 11-3:00 at Pioneer Park in Provo. My friend Katie, her boys, and all of us Dandelions will be spreading our blankets under the shade and taking over the park. We plan on bringing sack lunches and just hanging out while the offspring run amok and practice benign neglect. Come toss down a blanket and plop down your behind. Crack a diet Coke with me and let’s hang out!

7 thoughts on “Playing at Pioneer Park in Provo!

  1. It would be worth the 4 1/2 hour trip from St. George just to be in company of such greatness. Have a great time visiting and hopefully relaxing tomorrow.

  2. Tracy! You’re in Utah! I’ve been so bad at reading blogs. I’ve got a sad babe who didn’t sleep well but I really want to try to come for part of the park day after soccer and swimming this morning, but I need to see how she’s doing. How fun that would be if it all worked out!

  3. Tracy,
    I am back in HOT St George, and am so glad I made the trip to “meet” my dear friend! Good luck with your conference this weekend.
    Love you lots!

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