Wishing for Time In Zion

Somewhere in my head I had this idea that I’d have wide swaths of unfettered time here in Utah. Go ahead and laugh- but a whole week just seemed like so much- at first. Now, it’s Friday morning and I’ve been running around all week trying to fit ten pounds of fun in a five pound bag.

Wednesday at the park was lovely, and then I followed up with dinner with two of my favorite bloggy-friends and their families. It was beyond enjoyable, and I love them more now than I thought possible- and their charming husbands and delightful children were fun. I was late to my after-dinner date because I was enjoying myself and our kids were having so much fun chasing the dozens of dragonflies around the backyard.

I wish I’d taken some pictures at the park- anyone have any they could email me? Thanks again to everyone who showed up and hung out.

Scrapping a date, I opted to call some girlfriends and hang out in Salt Lake City one night, where we ended up, after perusing the nightlife, in a diner having pie at midnight. It was such a treat to sit with women I love and have unfettered conversation- and while I had to abstain from the actual pie, I would love to have another Pie Date.

My kids got to go to one of the multitude of water parks sprinkled throughout the SL and UT valleys. The joys of fair redheaded skin means we have peeling and blisters, despite sunshirts and SPF 70- but no one seems to care. My friend Katie took them while I had meetings in SLC, and I wish I could have been in two places at once.

The sealing I attened at the Mount Timpanogos Temple on Thursday morning was simply lovely. The temple was packed- I’m used to our little small temple, and that one is a large, hustling hive of activity. Nauvoo retains my personal preference as favorite, but the wedding itself was lovely. I wish I’d had time to go to the reception.

After the wedding, Heather O and The Wiz met me for lunch in Provo with Little Sister. They both happened to be in town for respective family stuff, so we had three of the four corners of the country represented at our lunch table. Two really amazing women, and I wish I had more time to spend with both of them.

My friend Katie and her husband are amazing people- and they hosted and loved us all week. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to have the amazing friends I have, but I’m not looking a gift-horse in the mouth. I’m flat-out grateful. Next time, Katie and I are gonna try for more kid-free time and maybe a girl’s night out. Next time…

The kids and I hit up Temple Square last night on our way north to the mountains where we are retreating for the weekend. We lucked into choir practice, and Bean just about jumped out of his skin when the organ started suddenly. It was wonderful. We wandered around and did all the TS things until it was dark, and then headed out. I wish we’d had more time- but going in the evening was lovely- it was cool, breezy and dry lightning lit the cloudy skies. It felt like balmy heaven. Even Bean commented on how much he liked being on the grounds. Would have liked to frozen that moment in time.

We now find ourselves at a retreat in the mountains near Ogden with a group of friends who have flown in from all over the country. I have three academic-ish presentations in the next two days at Weber State University, and am looking forward to meeting some people I’ve had intellectual crushes on for years. There will also be much food and many children playing and running amok at the retreat. My kids are in heaven. Wish we had more time.

8 thoughts on “Wishing for Time In Zion

  1. “I’ve been running around all week trying to fit ten pounds of fun in a five pound bag.”

    I felt like this last week when we visited Ohio. There is never enough time to do everything we’d hope to do, but we were able to do most of our wish list.

    I’m so glad you are having a grand time in Utah!

  2. Your trip looks and sounds wonderful. I know you’ll do fantastic with your presentations.

    Love the new blog look. When did that change?!

    PS. I have a painting commission question for you. Will email.

  3. “Even Bean commented on how much he liked being on the grounds. Would have liked to frozen that moment in time.”

    That one brought tears to my eyes.

    I envy your friends the time they were able to spend with you. Michelle and I loved our time with you in Kansas City, so I guess it’s others’ time. 🙂

  4. I am a faithful reader of both your blog and Em’s… how I wish could have met up with both of you! But alas, I am in upstate NY, not UT…. 🙂

    • Cheryl you’re so sweet! I suppose we have an excuse for a trip to your corner. I’ve driven through upstate NY and it was gorgeous. (Plus I have cousins from Ithaca). I’d love to see you if I make it there again!

  5. I just discovered your blog, linked to it from BCC where I look forward to reading your posts. Mind if I join you here?

    I had to laugh at midnight pie. Every time we go to Utah for a visit my husband and his friends go out for midnight pie. I thought it was just a thing with his friends, maybe it’s a Utah thing. It’s always a good time. 🙂

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