For the last three days, with only a pocket of exceptions, I seem to have fallen prey to the unstoppable need to sleep. If I’m busy, I’m okay- floppy and without sparkle, but at least awake. But if I sit down? or flop on the bed? Forget it. I’m out. Zonked.

How long of a hangover can you have from a RockStar and a Five Hour Energy? Because this is ridiculous. I’d be umbraged, but I’m going to take a nap instead.

2 thoughts on “Lethargy

  1. I’m with Kellie – no energy and not much that is obvious on which to blame it. But I’d love to go to sleep and avoid all the stress in my life right now. I’ll be the sleeping ostrich right over there…

    I hope you enjoyed your trip, Tracy, and that you’ll be back to your usual energetic self soon!

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