Die Arachnid Bastards!

I just killed NINE of these bastards in my laundry room. They were in search of water, no doubt, but dude… not welcome in my house! YOU WILL DIE, ARACHNIDS! I should sprinkle their crushed multi-legged bodies on the porch as a warning to anyone thinking about hitting up my laundry room. You’ve been served, you eight-legged *%$#!#$*

11 thoughts on “Die Arachnid Bastards!

  1. Nine?! Really…wow! I do not envy you in the least.
    After our bug man came and sprayed the first time I watched a black widow spider die a slow death, and I got a perverse pleasure knowing there was one less (many less) spiders in the world!
    More power to you…

  2. I have a daughter with arachniphobia. This picture alone would send her into spasms… I can’t imagine if we had NINE of these invade our home! *shiver*

    I don’t mind if spiders and insects and what-not keep to their own territory, but I take issue with them invading MY territory! I kill them, too.

  3. Nine Hobos??!! I would have had to just move and leave everything behind or lese invest in a gun (btw, those glue traps that you use for mice work really well for those.)

  4. Er — not a good idea. They are predators. They are there because they are eating (actually, sucking the juice out of) something ELSE crawly — that now won’t get eaten — and you will have their prey around instead.

    The best way to get rid of spiders is to make sure they have nothing to eat.

  5. 1) cybdi, how did you know it was a hobo? 2) Tracey– I’m glad you have such ambivalent feelings about them. 😉

  6. I had the same thought as diogenes, but only up until I looked up your link and realized they were hobos. Wolf spiders–leave them be, they’re eating cockroaches and other crawly things. Hobos? Yeah, I’d kill them too. But NINE? Yeah, I’d locate their food source, and FAST.

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