Zion Thus Far

So we rolled in Sunday afternoon about 3:30- decent time, I thought. The skies were dressed in thunderclouds and big fat drops of rain spattered us. Before the car had even been turned off, my kids had burst from the car to greet their friends, and were jumping on the trampoline and eating apricots from the tree in the backyard in the pouring rain. Happiness abounded.

I like it here. I said it on facebook, but if you don’t know me there- I’m confounded how somewhere I have never lived can feel like home. I almost choke up driving into the valley. Come come ye saints, indeed. My people.

Despite only getting three hours sleep the night before, I stayed up waaay too late visiting with my friends, and then slept with Abby kicking me in the kidneys all night. It’s possible I’m a wee bit tired.

Had my first Cafe Rio experience today. It was actually quite delicious, especially for a chain. I still love the taco trucks, but the pork was very good, and the cilantro lime dressing was more than passable. My friend Katie then took me to DI- also a first. That has to be the cleanest thrift store I’ve ever been to, and I scored some clothe for Abby for less than half what I would have paid at my local Value Village.

The friends I’m staying with are celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary, and while they have a romantic getaway, I’m at their house with EIGHT children, and me, all by my lonesome. Seven boys, and Abby.  Heaven help me.

Which reminds me, I don’t think I know how to cook for nine people. And they’ll be hungry here soon. *gulp*

What’s up with the humidity Utah? This feels more like Missouri than a desert. And my hair, the ultimate barometer, agrees with me. Egad, it’s bad. Which also reminds me, our potential park playdate…

I think we’re going to go with Pioneer Park in Provo. There’s a pavilion, playgrounds and shade. The address is 500 West Center Street. Wednesday, August 3, 11:00-3:00, ish. It may just be my friend Katie and I there, but anyone who wants to play and visit is welcome to join us. She has five boys, and my monkeys will be en force. Bring a blanket and some snacks and come hang out.