Scratch That

So it turns out, no matter how hard I want to, no matter how hard I try, I simply haven’t got the ability to be in two places at once. My college overload coupled with the schedules of two grade-school boys and one kindergarten girl caused me to smack right into the reality of that shortcoming.

Abby is in kindergarten all day, Mon and Thursday, and on alternating Wednesdays. Except at our charter school, all the kids get out at 12:30 the first two Wednesdays of the month. Is that confusing enough? Add to that that I was supposed to be in school until 2:00 each day, 25 miles away from where my children would be waiting. I tried it for two days. It was an unmitigated disaster. I was in tears last night at 2 am, when I was still doing homework, that was due this morning, after I got out of my night class at 10 pm. Yeah. No kidding.

So I called my advisor this morning, and she got me in right away. We sat down, and it turns out to be a very good thing- she was able to drop the two classes that were requiring me to be at the main campus, and replace them with other classes I also needed that miraculously had some seats open up. And those classes are at the downtown campus, where I usually attend. Tender mercies.

So my course-load is now 16 units instead of 19. When I expressed concern, she asked if I was aware that 12 units is fulltime- I laughed. Yeah. I don’t have time for that. As soon as the changes were made and finalized, I felt like a boulder had been lifted from my shoulders and I could breathe again. It was the right thing to do. Sometimes, I guess it’s okay to acknowledge that I simply cannot do it all- no matter how hard I pressed my shoulder to that wheel.


8 thoughts on “Scratch That

  1. I’m glad you were able to talk with your advisor and that the solution was so quickly reached.

    Sometimes that wheel just isn’t going to move, regardless of how hard or long we push. Congrats on recognizing and accepting your limits – and then doing something to make those limits manageable.

    That is something I struggle to do, at least without guilt. I continue to learn from you…

  2. I’m glad you have downsized your school commitments a bit. It’s amazing that you manage all that you do, but there has to be “Tracy time” too. Burn-out is no fun…

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