Around Little House Right Now

Not much happening around here today. Went to the dollar-movie and saw Cars II earlier, and then came home and mowed the lawn. My next assignment isn’t due until 11pm tonight, so I’m off for a few hours. Here’s what’s up at Little House…Boys have been submersed in Lego mess- although after this picture I kicked them all out in the yard to enjoy the late October mild weather while it lasts. They are in the fort out under the Maple tree right now- see above. Sweet.

At the kitchen table, Abby has been busy all afternoon making things- as evidenced by more pictures to follow.  Not sure what’s happening here…

Peeking out the dining room/kitchen window at my freshly mowed lawn.

The ghosts on the door are new today. They locked me out and found it irrationally hilarious after I snapped this picture.

In the living room, watching Abby try and tell me her room IS clean. Her fashionista sense is in full swing today.

And I found this on my bed. What’s happening at your house this afternoon?

5 thoughts on “Around Little House Right Now

  1. Around here today… Ray and the girls are playing Monopoly while I read DM. Perfect little slice of heaven. Made even more fantastic by the absence of my recent ongoing oral pain. 🙂

  2. Wish it was something excited…sent hubby back to Pakistan to come down with a head and chest cold the next day. Oh the irony! So the kids are playing (aka destroying) the basement, while I just lie down as much as possible, begging for sleep. Is it bedtime yet?
    Oh, in the midst of being sick I got the house 95% de-cluttered and the bathroom 90% revamped. Nothing like house projects to keep myself busy sending hubby away, and while sick.
    Such is life.
    Hoping for a little slice of peaceful heaven for you and your household!

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