The Harvest

We have the best Home Teacher in the world. He was just released as a bishop before he was given to us, and we’ve reaped the benefits of his love and care over the years. He’s like a grandpa to my kids, and he has an affinity for Bean like few other people. Earlier this spring, he planted a garden in the derelict Little House backyard. He hauled in good soil, built raised beds, and taught the kids how to till, sow, water and tend. We’ve been reaping the benefits all through the late summer and early fall, but this week he came by for the final harvest before shutting the growing season to a close.All summer Bean has been watching the hard melons and cabbages grow and grow, and it was finally time to pick them. Bean is by far the most avid gardner, and he loved checking the yard every day. He even… wait for it… tasted a tomato.Look at the utter joy on his face… that, folks, is the stuff of a mama’s heart- and it worth more than gold and is more precious than rubies. Though the sunlight is its own nice touch. No way in hell is he eating cabbage, but he grew them with utter delight.And now, the last garden resident has about four days left before I unleash Bean and let him do what he’s been waiting for all summer- it’s Jack-o-Lantern time!Thank you to all the Home Teachers out there who do so much more than just phone it in. Not everyone can do what our does, and not every family needs what we do, but this is one area where we are perfectly blessed, and blessedly grateful. Thank you Dr. F. We love you.

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