That Kind of Day

On my bed right now is me, sitting criss-cross applesauce in my running clothes from this morning. My laptop is… in my lap. There are two remote controls, my cell phone, the regular phone, and my iPod next to me. There is a stack of sketches and outlines for a homework assignment I’m behind on, and a pile of textbooks with ragtag bookmarks and pages sticking out. My purse is plopped near a bright blue wig Abby tossed here earlier while chasing Jeffrey pell-mell through the house. My sunglasses, wallet and ATM card are scattered across the white comforter. There are opened bills and a confirmation code from two of them I paid online, along with a book on Renoir Abby was perusing earlier. A pencil and a red pen dot the landscape. There is a basket of clean laundry, for the cherry on top. It’s been that kind of day. Calgon, take me away….

4 thoughts on “That Kind of Day

  1. hee. Don’t know if you’re a Muppets fan, but it reminds me of Animal bellowing “RENOIR!!” In the Great Muppet Caper:

    (Kermit the Frog: What’s wrong with your drummer? He looks a little crazed.
    Zoot: Oh, he’s just upset about missing the Rembrandt exhibit at The National Gallery.
    Animal: [Correcting him in a wild, angry tone] Renoir!!)

    Not that it helps. but it made me giggle anyway. Sorry about the book!

  2. De-lurking here….

    I took an Anatomy exam this week that was so tough I felt dizzy and have another one in lab tomorrow that will cover five chapters of material. (Why does the body have to be SO complicated?!)

    I’m a single mom to three kids after my husband decided to trade me in early this year for “greener pastures”. Such a story to all of that….ugh.

    I’m taking Physics and A&P under two of the toughest instructors in my college. I’m constantly struggling to keep up with it all. Something is always, always lagging.

    So, this morning I set fire to a microwavable breakfast biscuit….or my three-year-old did….I’m not sure. Smoke filled my entire house but the alarm didn’t go off. Need to check that.

    I’ve never met you but I thought of you while I ran around the kitchen telling my son (who wondered what all the early morning commotion was about), “MY BISCUIT’S A-BURNIN’!”….laughing as I channeled Yosemite Sam.

    It’s the small things…

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