The Delightsome Aesthetic of Children Under a Certain Age

Look what fun my children had… Bean and Abby are entirely responsible for this living room. Jeffrey hauled the boxes up from the basement, and I set up the tree, then wandered off to do some homework. I heard them rummaging around, and delighting in some of the boxes, but I didn’t pay it much mind. When I surfaced for some tea and peeked in from the kitchen and was met with this delightful scene. They were so insanely pleased with themselves.

Other than that, school is swallowing me whole right now. One final done, three more looming. And I do mean looming. I have one more week and then I’m off until January. I’m counting the hours. This quarter has kicked my butt. Onward.

Is your tree up yet? Does it look like Christmas puked all over your living room at your house? Do you let your kids decorate? Am I insane that this didn’t bother me and I left it like that?

8 thoughts on “The Delightsome Aesthetic of Children Under a Certain Age

  1. I love it and would leave it. My tree is up, but I mistakenly left the box of ornaments in storage in the US. Bummer.

  2. I love it…I have such a hard time letting go, wanting things just right…forgetting that just right is whatever the kids do. It is perfect!
    Christmas tree will go this weekend. Enjoying no decorations for a few days.
    Good luck with finals…do your best, that is enough.

  3. I think I need to send you a photo or two of the ever-evolving tree decorated by Oliver. And I’m totally leaving it alone, because even if I “fixed” it, he wouldn’t leave it alone.

  4. Yet another reason to admire you…

    I would love to be the type of mother who could just walk away and let the kids decorate. Alas, I am too OCD to completely allow that, though we do decorate together. I have gotten better over the years and only “control” the placement of the “special” (irreplaceable, breakable, sentimental) ornaments. I suppose by the time all of my kids are out of the house, I will have it more closely perfected. Just in time to allow the future grandkids to have fun instead… 🙂

    I’d like our tree up, but my kids insist it has to wait until after my birthday next week. I appreciated that as a child, but I’m an adult now and want to enjoy the decorations as long as possible. But these days “one year doth a tradition make” and thus my kids will prevail in this regard.

    Your kids and decorations are delightful. I think you are not insane at all to leave it the way they decorated.

  5. As one single mom to another…you are doing a great job! I let my kids decorate my tree this year too and can’t be bothered to move a thing. 🙂

  6. I think it looks perfect. They are pleased, they worked together, they are happy – sounds like a wonderful Christmas decorating experience and you can think of your kids being happy each time you see the room.

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