Beauty Tip of the Week: LORAC at Sephora

At the holidays, many high-end cosmetic companies come out with special sets or limited edition products. Today, at Sephora, I found the super-duper best buy ever:  LORAC Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection 2011. The colors are lovely- at first I thought the red was going to be too dark, but they are all sheer, sparkly and totally wearable.

For $25 you get six (SIX!!) LORAC lipglosses. A regular LORAC lipgloss is $22. Yes, that’s right- $22- for one. I never buy them anymore for this reason- but this is such a steal if you like lipgloss- a must-splurge. I hesitate to even call it a splurge, honestly- because really, with the breakdown, it’s $4.16 each, and that’s less than a drugstrore brand for a super premium brand. LORAC contains no parabens, sulfites, pthalates or GMO’s and is a fantastic brand overall. Run, skip or cartwheel to Sephora and buy yourself a treat!

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  1. Hey, Sephora, please do give Tracy some extra points. I just purchased this plus another makeup set. Thanks for the tip, Tracy!

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